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Please critique my NB/S stash!

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My little one is expected in late May/early June. I have slowly been collecting new and used dipes and I've registered for a bunch more. Dh and I are totally new to CDing, so we're planning on trying out a little bit of everything , though we think we probably won't go the pre-fold/cover route. We're not sure how much we'll need, particularly in the NB sizes (family history would suggest a 6.5-7.5 pound babe--although we know she could end up surprising us. Here's the long list of what I already have and what I've registered for. I'm love to hear opinions on things we're leaving out, things we may have too much of, etc. Thanks!

HAVE (or on the way):
4 NB mutts
1 XS WAHM fitted (rosebud)
7 assorted S fitteds (mostly mama-made/WAHM, 1 SugarPlum Babies, 1
Diaper Babies)
1 M WAHM fitted

1 NB ProWrap
1 XS VB Wrap (from Rainbow Stiches)
2 NB Bummis Whisper Pants
1 WAHM cover (XS/S)
*May be getting 2 S and 2 XS Dappi Pants Pull-ons

2 XS FuzziBunz
3 S FuzziBunz
1 S Ella's Pocket Dipe

1 AngelWrap XS AIO
1 JellyBean Diapers XS AIO
1 S Rumspter Ltd Edition AIO

2 infant CPFs
2 small CPF

Other stuff:
2 Snappis
2 inserts
1 dozen cloth wipes (and some old receiving blankets to cut into wipes)

Registered for:
5 Newborn Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
2 XS Fuzzi Bunz (come w/ inserts)
6 S Fuzzi Bunz (come w/ inserts)
6 Kissaluvs, size 0
2 XS Magic-Alls
2 S Magic-Alls
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It looks like you've got a great stash. One thing I would suggest is getting a wool cover or two.
Oh, I should have mentioned that I don't use wool (I try to keep as vegan as possible)!
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What about at least 2 wetbags for outings and a pail with 2 liners. I think you might need a lot more wipes, too

It looks like you've got a great selection to choose from!
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Wetbags, yes! I will add that to my list (oh excuse to scope out what's new on hyena cart
). I actually did register for a pail and a Bummis pail liner for at home, but didn't include it above.

Does it seem like I enough smalls? I have no idea when dd will grow into them. I want to have enough (in case she ends up being much bigger than I expect or grows like a weed), but I don't want to get TOO much--because dh and I will probably have a much better sense of what we like after we get some experience with CDing, and I don't want to buy, say, a couple dozen S fitteds if it turns out we want to go to all pockets.
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I would wait on doing too much more for smalls. Small FB never fit my daughter very well but we were able to move into mediums at 4 months, which she is still wearing at 14 months so it was a great investment. See what your kiddo grows into, how big they are, how fast they grow, etc. Small is kind of a funky gray area to me.
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Uh, oh... DH & I were both pretty good sized babies, so I haven't bought ANY newborn/xs stuff, only smalls. What do you guys think? I don't want to be SOL when this baby arrives
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I think you do need some newborn stuff, even if they only wear it the first 6 weeks. Abby was 8lbs 11 oz, and smalls were SWIMMING on her until she was almost 8 weeks I think? If you want to be economical just get newborn proraps and prefolds.
Hi Amie! Are you in the August or Sept DDC? I'm due in mid-August

Thanks for your advice about dipes... I would think we'd be having a similar sized baby to Abby (I'll let you know in August!)
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I'm not super active, but I lurk and occasionally post in the August DDC. Although, Abby was 5 days late, so I'm not exactly counting on the peridot birthstone
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oh, and midAugust is super bday is 8/15! it's going by so super fast!
I'll look out for you in the August DDC
My hubby's fam is super excited about an August DD too- they have about 5 bdays in Aug (mom, g'ma, & cousins) & my bro is Aug too. I'm the only one who's dreading it (hate the heat & humidity even when I'm not carrying around an extra 20 lbs!)

Sorry to hijack this thread!
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