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I started CD'ing DD after she turned 1, so I have no idea what I'm doing for this next baby.
Dh still wants to do sposies for the first few weeks, and I originally did too, but I'm thinking about changing my mind and doing cloth from the get go......
I haven't ordered all of this yet, some is left over from DD, so feel free to assist me with any changes that may be neededd:

48 infant prefolds (mix of CPF's and IPF's)
6 newborn prowraps
4 small Bummis SWW
4 small Prowraps
36 sherpa/flannel wipes
36 baby washcloths for wipes

12 small Very Baby AIO's
12 small Fuzzibunz w/ cottonbabies micro inserts
12 reg. CPF's trimmed to 14" rise
8 premium CPF's trimmed to 15" rise
30 Malden Mills fleece liners
3 silk liners

18 Meduim Fuzzibunz w/ inserts
3 wonderoos w/ Wonderfulls inserts
2 Medium long Very Baby pockets
6 Med Very Baby AIO's (for dh and diaper bag)
12 premium Grow me a Rainbow prefitteds
3 small Bummis original covers
3 med.Bummis SWW covers
2 med. Fuzeasy covers
2 Med. Fuzbombs
1 med sugarbums wool cover
1 med misc. soaker
4 hemp doublers
2 med fleece topped Joey Bunz
1 wetbag

Ok please help me out in any way.......shoul I change quantities on anything?

Thanks for helping!!!

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Looks good to me too!

Maybe some longies?

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That looks, really nice, caligirl.

I do think you should probably have at least 12 preemie PFs in there for the earliest days, unless you have really big babies. They are $10 per dozen at Babies In The Sun. You can't even get them that cheap on the TP.

I personally would say that you're planning too many infant PFs. I'd take a dozen or even two dozen away to get those preemie size instead.

I think you;re plans will have more than enough diapers for your one baby. If finacially you want to trim even more, I think it's doable. But, really a nice big stash gives you lots of options.

Congrats on your new little one on the way!
happy healthy pregnancy and smooth peaceful birthing!
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