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Please Educate us on Care of..

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Okay here is another of our help requests...

We live in an area that has limited (if any) resources for
: . We are looking for a nearby AP group. In the meantime, we are depending on all you you wonderful people!

We have orders a wide range of dipes - hemp, wool, sherpia?, fleece, etc.

Now, how to care
for them. There are sooo many diffrent suggestions at the WHAM sites! Use vinegar, don't use vinegar. Wash every time, don't wash every time. Use this detergent, use that. Machine dry, line/hang dry.

: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so overwhelming, my next topic posts are equally as confusing to me - liners, doublers, inserts, soakers, covers, wraps! So you see the little wild and dazed looking lady in our signature, that really is ME
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Well you're going to get a whole variety of responses to this one ... and you'll probably have to try out a few washing routines to figure out what works for you.

Around here we use a dry pail and all I do is every 2-3 days I dump whatever is in the pail into the washer ... this usually includes all of Sahara's fitted diapers (be they hemp or cotton), all her PUL diaper covers and all her fleece pockets ... if they've been sitting in the pail for 3 days I usually run them through a cold rinse before starting the wash cycle ...but if it's only the second day I don't bother. Then I run them through a full wash with HOT water and a tiny bit of Tide free (and I mean TINY!!! ...maybe 2 tablespoons at the most) ...then an extra rinse to get rid of any soap residue. That's pretty much our wash routine though there are exceptions ... sometimes the fleece pockets get a build up on them or the hemp starts to hold odours so I wind up pouring a couple cups of vinegar vinegar into the initial rinse before they get washed.

Wool is a special item ... and it depends what type of wool you've got ... whether it's been felted (washed on HOT so it's preshrunk and the fibers are squished together) or not ... most of the hand knit soakers out there are NOT felted so they need to be hand washed when they start to smell or get poop on them. Covers made with wool jersey/interlock that is already felted can also be handwashed if you wish (and will probably require less lanolizing if you do) or you can do as I do and just throw them in the wash when they need washing and either hang to dry or dry with everything else as well (this makes them need to be lanolized more frequently though). Lanolizing wool involves dissolving lanolin in warm water and dunking your cover so that the lanoling gets into the wool waterproofing it.

There is a lot to know ...but don't worry ...there's very little you can do wrong and a way to fix just about everything ... my only concern really would be the covers ...just read the instructions for them specifically as some lose their waterproofing if dried in the drier but can still be washed with everything else.


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Now, how to care for them.
Honestly, it's a trial and error kind of a thing. Everyone's water is different (mine is very hard water, your's may be soft... etc..), the food your child eats makes a difference (breastmilk, meat eater, etc...), your washer can be a factor, your washing method, your detergent.. and so on.

I suggest new to cloth parents to start with a cold rinse/light water wash (no detergent). Then, I suggest a hot wash with some detergent (maybe 2). Then a rinse/light wash with just water again. See how this works, and then you can tweak it a bit.. (example: Since I have hard water, I like to add salt to my final rinse to get all the soap out- plus I rinse and rinse until I don't see anymore bubbles. I also do the baking soda wash every other time. If I'm in the mood I might use some Downy Advanced in the final rinse to make them "stink pretty", as my dh says.). You just have to play around with different options and find what works for you.
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You two have given me lots of info. I will end up referring back to this or printing it out!!
It is a lot and I just don't want to ruin anything or have his dipes stinky w/out him being the one to stinky them up.
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Just wanted to add my $.02
The wash routine was the most intimidating thing when I started since everyone does it differently. Just wanted to share my system which I feel is soooo easy. Especially since I WOH.

I keep a dry pail too and I wash every 2 - 3 days. I dump the dipes and pail liner all in the same load - no rinsing of poopies either (and I have yet to have a stain)

1) Cold wash with about a 1/4 cup detergent.

2) Hot wash with same amount of detergent. (We have hard water so I use detergent in both washes. I know I have hard water cuz after dishes have been in the dishwasher they have white spots and we get calcium deposits on tupperware)

3) Cold rinse.

4) Take pockets and anything made of PUL and hang dry.Toss hemp, cotton, microterry etc... in dryer until dry.
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