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Hello everyone!!! My name is Melanie, my husband Doug and I have an adoreable 8.5 mo old son named Dylan. We have very recently started the
: venture! and are approaching this with both excitement and trepediation.

We are kind of late getting on the band wagon due to resistance on my part and the sheer fact that we know absolutely noone that CDs!!!!!!!!

Just before Dylan was born my MIL suggested and even pushed CDing. But, she wanted me to iron them, fold them, pin them, stick them in the potty and rinse them and finally (of course) launder them. It was pretty much presented jsut like this. For some reason this was not very appealing!

Now this REALLY comes from Left Field! I don't know where, I don't know how, but I do know why I got this extremely wild hair recently and decided we were going to
:!!! We have purchased and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first dipes. We spoke with the lady that sells them and she assured us that they were "chunk" accomodating. Needless to say our pals think we are crazy! And we know that it is not us that is crazy (okay, okay there may be a little smirk of superiority in there somewhere, but just a smirk, I promise!!
)! Hopefully our "change" will catch on.

Now that I know about AIOs and fitteds, I am ecstatic!

we had never heard of the Mothering boards before. We are so happy to have been sent here!!!! We were also sent to and have gotten some really good info here, but not as specific as we might like in some cases.

We have several questions to ask and have decided to approach them with a series of "Please Educate us..." posts. We figure that some of you are more passionate about certain avenues of CDing than others and inturn may be more helpful on specific topics rather than a general request.

Our wonderful and fabulous son Dylan is a big fella.
He is 32" tall, weighs around 23 or 25lbs. We have noticed him really thinning out, but still those increadibly pinchable chunky legs.

What experience have you had with WHAM dipes (AIOs / fitteds / covers) in this situation? We certainly don't want anything that will leave marks on him or make him uncomfortable. Too, he has this thing about texture so we are looking for something that is fairly soft both inside and out.

Too, can you point us to a swim dipe that will also accomodate chunky legs?

I am so glad we found you! Hugs
from us for being there & taking the time to read this and give us advice.

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well, we've only been at this for a month, but have found for our little chunkey monkey (20 lbs @ 6.5 mo)that the best dipes for her have two rows of snaps. one for the waist and one for the thigh. that way we can get the room we need on the thigh but make the waist a little tighter...

Full Moon Baby Gear is my favorite. She has great prints, the dipes are absorbant and fit is perfect. And the AIOs and wool covers are amazing, too.

Celstial Baby is my other fave. They really work well for us! And her dipes are very unique looking.

hth, welcome and good luck!

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I'm a big fan of Harleyz pockets (I personally prefer niteez style)
they are a bit high cut and are a GREAT fit on my chunky son! (9 months and 21+ lbs)
the website is and I believe she is open for custom orders now.

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My ds is around 25 pounds with super cute chunky thighs too. lol
My favorite diapers that never leave marks on his legs are......
Fuzzibunz (my favorite pocket diaper)
Sugarplum Baby (my favorite fitted. Usually used with a wool soaker)
Lucy's Hope Chest (my favorite AIO. Her fitted dipes leave creases although I hear her quickdry version might work better for us)

I'm still looking for the perfect cover. The only one that's working for us right now is the Bummi's Superwhisper wrap. Everything else either leaves marks or the aplix will scratch him where his rolls chunk over. I was thinking of trying the Motherease Airflow. I think those have snaps and not aplix.
I generally just reach for my wool soakers. Those are perfect for my chunky monkey.

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Hi and welcome! I am the mom of a similiarly chunky thighed babe. :} I have found that side snapping anything works well. Fuzzi Bunz large fit great, as does larges in Lucy's Hope Chest , Bizzy B Hive, and Lilybottoms(the aplix not the front snap). Size 2 First Class Baby, mediums in Fuzbaby (large fitted Fuz is just a tiny bit too big, but medium or large wool is fine), and medium or larges in Happy Heinys. I know there are more, but so far thats what I have found that I really like the fit of. :} The trading post here is a great place to try some things out; and get the harder to find dipes.
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