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Please explain different types of allergy testing

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I took my son to is ped and she did a blood test for the most common childhood allergies. She said there is another typ of blood test she could order, but it requires a lotmore blood. The first test found him allergic to dust mites. RIght now, grass is high and he is coughing now. He wasnt coughing before. We have been vaccuuming his room and mattress with our new Kirby and got all the critters out of his room. So, I think this is a symptom of something else(like grass)
So would this second test show that up? How do tests run at by a pediatrician at a regular lab differ from the tests a naturoapth would do?
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A naturopathic physician will take blood (I don't remember it being a lot) and send it to the lab for a Food Panel. Basically, it runs 50 different foods that are commonly allergenic and in about two weeks, you get a bar graph with all of the foods and a quantitative result that shows how allergic your little one is to each thing. It must be interpreted by an ND, however. You can't go by what the results just say. We did this with my son and the results have been amazing! He is hardly ever sick. His ezcema cleared up. He hasn't had any fluid in his ears and sleeps like a dream!
Hope your little one feels better soon.
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