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My 2 year old DS has started hitting, biting, kicking and pinching me..It started about a month ago and is getting progressively worse. Today, while sitting on the couch together, he was on my lap, he started to give me a hug and bit my neck so hard that he left and mark..and made me cry (embarrassed)...Then we went out to a little play space and as we were leaving, he was in my arms, he clocked me in the rigth eye. He balls his hand into a fist, puts his arm behind him and gives a full force wallop...I didn't even think that it was coming, so I couldn't even stop it.

I notice that this *mostly* happens when he is tired, but I really don't think that it is healthy for us to sit in the house..waiting...for him to not be tired! I do my best to be in the house when it is close to nap time or bedtime, and I thought that I was safe tonight...apparently not...
So far he is only hitting me. Although I am noticing that when he is around other kids, he is a lot more aggressive and has started to push them and rip their fingers off of something that he wants.

What I have done so far...I tell him that his fingers are for tickeling NOT for hitting or pinching..that his teeth are sharp for eating food, NOT for biting. I have put him in the rocking chair in his room (mostly so that I can cool down before I deal with him) but he thinks that it is funny..and he laughs whenever he hits, bites, kicks etc. I have him say he is sorry...but honestly, do they *understand* the meaning of sorry? To him it is just a word..I try to tell him what it means in very simple terms..when the cat bites/scratches him, I tell the kitty that he needs to say sorry and give matthew a lick/hug...I know not the same as human..but I have to work with what I have LOL!

I need some ideas...I really am at my wits end, and YES I know that it is a phase and that it WILL end...but getting to that ending point SANE is what I want!! I don't want to yell at him or smack his hand in a moment of anger/hurt... But let me tell is really does hurt when he does the above...

PLEASE PLEASE any suggestions OR even LIVED through it and it does get better stories would be appreciated!
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