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please help! 4 yo ds had horrible experience, now planning to do GA

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I'm just so upset about this entire situation, I can hardly type this without crying. 4 1/2 yo ds first went to the dentist 6 mo ago. we were told he had 5 cavities. we went to a pediatric dentist, he loved his experience, but i freaked about the idead of getting them filled. finally stopped procrastinating and made an appt. they said we could do it in 2 office visits with nitrous and novacaine, and recommended this since he did so well with his first visit, or else we could do GA and take care of all 5 at once. i couldn't stand the thought of GA, so opted for option one. we went in last week, he was such a trooper, all set up for it, was doing fine, wearing his little clown nose nitrous thing, being very friendly and open with the doctor and tech, who were very sweet to him, then the @#$%^ needle...he screamed as soon as they did the novacaine. they had rubbed the supposed numbing stuff on first, but to no avail. he was screaming help mama! they are hurting me! and it was all i could do not to yank him away from them. he then calmed down, and they said if he was able to calm down, he should be fine, since he'll be numb now. he wasn't. he'd scream as soon as they started the drill, before it even touched him. the dentist turned to me and said we can finish this, but it would involve holding him down, or we can make an appt and go the GA route. we opted for GA at this point, since i'd rather he wear dentures the rest of his life than pin him while he's in pain! i carried him out crying, he calmed down, and is now ok with the whole thing, and understands that the dentist won't always be a painful thing (i was concerned now he'd be freaked by any dentist experience, but he seems ok). so now i'm supposed to make an appt for the GA (i understand they do this via a mask, i read on the archives about an IV, but they do it with gas i guess, i don't like the IV concept due to the needle issue, but concerned about gas). should i be doing this? are there other options at this point? (they had started drilling one tooth before calling it quits, so he has a temporary filling in one tooth, and he says it hurts him). they explained that i will hold him while they put the mask on, until he's asleep, and then i'll be holding him as he wakes up, so that's good, but the idea of them taking my baby's lifeless body from him FREAKS me beyond belief!!! needless to say i am now obsessing on cleaning my 10 mo baby girl's teeth, all 2 of them
i guess my husband had bad baby teeth, so i'm guessing that's the culprit. zac has been good about brushing, and even some flossing, since he was pretty little, and isn't a big sugar eater either. any advice, thoughts, etc??? THANKS!!!
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I am sorry to hear about your stressful experience. There are other options out there, especially since your ds is 4. It might take going to another dentist. Check out this thread for starters.
Did the dentist take his time or did he seem to be pushing to get the work done? It sounded like your ds is a real trouper and with enough patience and role playing that he might be able to get thru this. When my dd got the shot, it didn't seem painful, just uncomfortable with the swollen feeling. Sometimes that first needle poke does have a pinching feeling tho. Did they adjust the NO? From what I understand, they can turn it up or down depending on the patient's needs. Did he have enough? I hope that you will find some sedative options that you feel comfortable with. It is so HARD going thru dental stuff with our little ones. Hang in there. You and he CAN get thru this time
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