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Please Help: ? about EWCF and Evening Primrose Oil

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Hi, all!

I am not TTC right now, but I will be in about a year. I've been charting my cycles for the past two years. While I have always experienced fertile egg-white cervical fluid, I've never noticed any blood in it, as some women do. I know from reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that it's a common occurence for some ladies to find a bit of blood or a pinkish tinge in their EWCF (in fact, this is thought to be a very fertile sign), but I've never had it before, so I am a bit concerned. Also, I think I am still quite a few days from ovulation (I have EWCF for many days -- which might be related to a [controlled] thyroid condition I have). Anyway, a few questions:

1. If you have experienced blood in your EWCF, when does it seem to occur (a few days before actual ovulation, the day before, the day of?)?

2. What has it looked like for you? (It happened to me twice: The first time, it was deep/bright red and kind of fibrous [but a very small amount] and the second time, it was a slightly pinkish tinge.)

3. I've been taking 1350 mg of Evening Primrose Oil each day for the past two months (not for fertility, but to help with side-effects of the above-mentioned thyroid condition). Since EPO affects cervical fluid and can cause uterine contractions (although not at the dosage I'm taking, or so I thought), I was wondering if it might be causing the small amount of blood to show up in my EWCF.

I'm hoping this is nothing to worry about. It may just be that my cycle is changing, as I'm in the process of losing a large amount of weight, and I also just had my thyroid medication changed (which may result in cycle changes).

Thanks for any information you can provide or any guesses you care to venture!

Health and happiness!
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