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I need some help on finding a good fitted in natural fabrics for a very heavy wetter. I mean this kid can wetttttttttttttt (and it's a one time pee - I'm not leaving him in there after he wets)

I mostly use fitted diapers/doublers I've made from hemp/cotton fleece, cotton velour, and/or organic cotton fleece. And they are working well but it's fun to get some other diapers out there too. It just seems in reading the descriptions on many that there is no way they would hold up to a real heavy wetter.

What have you all found to be the best? And links please

Another you all think hemp/cotton fleece or organic cotton fleece is more absorbent?


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Hi I have a heavy wetter too- my 19 month old can pee through a toddler cpf, ME OS, an SOS and sevreal others. There really isn't anythig he can't soak without a doubler, but the closest one is Liz's Cloth, which is hemp- and I can easily add a hemp doubler to that without the legs gapping, so these are my fave fitteds.
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