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PLEASE HELP...calling all medical experts

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I'll get right to it, my best bud is preggo. She previously had a miscarriage at 14 wks due to and incompitant (sp) cervix (can't spell that either
. This time around they're going to stich up her cervix at about 12 wks or so, I forgot what it's actually called.
So our question is if anyone has had this done or know anything about it could you pass on some information. She know's there are different types of anesthesia but she really only know's what's available. She doesn't know the pro's/cons and really what's the best thing to do. I would really appreciate any information you all might have!

Thanks so very much - April
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Do a search on "cerclage". I know there have been some good posts recently that even described how the procedure goes. Good luck to your friend! Hopefully it will keep baby in this time!!!
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