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Please help cheer me up...

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Feeling overwhelmed
by the move coming up... & not happy
with the weather teasing us... a day of sun& snow melting then a day of thick snow flurries.. been going on for a week now! grr... heheh

so, please, feel free to lavish how cute my family is

btw,evryone's babies are adorabe!
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Awwww . . . so nice to see some pics of your little girl, Yvonne! (That dress with the lace overlay is precious!)

Sorry to hear that you are feeling stressed & down . . .

Sending some
and lots of
your way!
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She IS adorable....those cheeks are yummy!
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Man, Yvonne, I feel your pain. We move Monday. We've NOTHING packed. It's ridiculous.
: I just don't have the force to do it. Luckily we're having a moving company actually MOVE everything and a cleaning company clean, but the packing ugh. Nothing done.

You *do* have such a lovely family.
Your little girl is just precious.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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