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Please help find these tie-dye diapers/covers!

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I have just sat here for over an hour trying to hunt down the site that someone recomended last week. A WAHM who was selling everything tie-dye (not Shelly at TDD though). This site had clothes, diapers, covers, Bobby covers, etc. and all were tie-dyed. It was a new site I had never seen before, and can't for the life of me find it now! HELP!
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Nope it's not me she is looking for.I have never even heard of a Bobby cover
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This sounds like rebs tie dye:

She is the only one i know of that does covers. HTH was suggested for tie die and she has cute dyed clothes too. Not sure on those covers though, I haven't heard of them before.. HTH!

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YES!!! Davina, that's it!! Hooray! Thank you so very much!
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