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Hello all,

Well, the contingent was small (3 moms) but we did get to talk to a reporter from the Star Tribune and then a camera from Channel 5 showed up. Talk about on the spot! I think we got a lot across to the reporter (who was a nice grandma), but I would encourage you to add your 2 cents soon (for tomorrow's paper). Susan E. Peterson • 612-673-4506 • [email protected]

I froze up in front of the news camera and my dd1 was having a crisis, so I didn't get as much across as I would have liked to, especially "the bigger picture here is that, despite the proven short and long-term benefits to both child and mother, breastfeeding is neither encouraged nor supported like it should be in this country. An incident like this is proof of that lack of support and is just one more reason for families to be discouraged from breastfeeding their babies."

Channel 5 "contact us" links: I sent a follow up e-mail to General News link and to the 5&6 pm News link.

Please send in your thoughts too -- we didn't have much to give them and I am hoping more material will allow the story to get aired.

(Bryn 29 mos. & Maya 12 wks)
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