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Hey all...I haven't come since May and I am amazed again at how helpful, passionate, knowledgeable and kind you are to one another.
I need some insight for my barely 5 yr. old daughter, just starting kindergarten...things are not going too great, with her getting up all the time and doing her own thing...she has always had serious attention problems and she has soooooo much energy, and is the kind of child that has disrupted our family since the time she was about one. (a real sweetie but drives me crazy with her blatant disobedience and outbursts to sisters)
So, I have always suspected that she would be "diagnosed" (is she was older) with ADHD, (she is also very loud, impulsive, cant control herself, is this ADHD????) and so i am approaching it from that standpoint....discipine, where to go from here, especially what causes it??
Have any of you had success with the Feingold diet, (which i learned about from a spring Mothering mag..) and if so, how much difference was it, is it really hard, would you recommend it, etc...
If not the Feingold diet, any suggestions and advice? She is so young but I want to start making changes now so we dont have teachers/pricipal asking us to put her on Ritalin in a few years...

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