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I made wipes on my sewing machine out of 8x8m flannel one side, terry on the other. What kind of cloth you use seems to be just personal preference. Also, you might want to make some a smaller size - I have a newborn and 8X8 is way bigger than I need! :LOL I'll be glad of the size when she's bigger I imagine.

I sewed them like one would make a pillow - put the wrong sides together and straight stitched almost all the way around, then turned them inside out and folded in the edges of the part left unsewed and straight stitched there. Then, to help them hold their shape, I topstitched about 3/4 from the edge, all the way around, in a zigzag stitch. They look great!

Hope that made sense and was helpful - I'm a newbie sewer so don't know many terms or anything
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