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Ok, so I've made lined curtains for my family room, I've made pillows, I've made vests for dh and ds for Christmas, I've made myself a couple of skirts - WHY CAN'T I MAKE WIPES?

I have two squares of fabric, (8 x 8 or so), I serge the edges, and inevitably I mess up the corners. Besides, I'm afraid of my serger
: and the all red thread that I have on there (from Christmas blankets, don't cha know) doesn't really go w/my pretty flannel and terry and chenille that I want to make wipes out of.

So, how do I do the edges on my sewing machine? If I do a simple overlock stitch (w/the zigzag portion only) will they hold? Should I do some sort of folding over the edge?

What fabric combination will work best? Flannel vs flannel, terry vs terry, chenille vs chenille or should I mix it up?

I thought this was going to be a simple project - what is my problem??? Help - I'm about to throw both machines out the window (even though I know it's user error!)
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