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Please help me be more relaxed w/ 3 yo in diapers

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From the very beginning, I told my DH how I wanted to go about potty training. NO pressure, just offer the potty, and someday when she is ready she will go. We got comments from family members when DD turned 2, and we ignored them, more comments at 2.5 yrs and we ignored them (especially with the arrival of her baby brother we knew it wasn't the time). Then, just like I thought, she was 2 months shy of turning 3 yrs, she woke up in the morning and said she wanted to use the potty. For 2 weeks she was dry - even at night! No accidents! I was saying "See, I told you she would when she was ready!" to all who doubted! We went and bought panties and I was so proud of her, and me (for having the patience and doing it the way I felt was best for her).

Then after 2 weeks - she asked for her diapers again and won't go in the potty! Nothing happened - no big changes. Argh! I was/am so disappointed, and now find myself having no patience for changing her diapers. I find myself saying "high pressure" things to her despite my better judgement - they just come out. I've resorted to bribing her. I'm so disappointed in myself, but also don't understand why she absolutely refuses to go in the potty again.

Anyone else's DC do this too?
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You know, from my observation of children who I know, potty training is not really a linear business but more of a "few steps forward, couple steps back, few steps forward" type of thing. What you just described is fairly typical, I believe, to judge from what I've heard from ds's friends' mothers and friends of mine. Ds turned 3 in April, and by September was potty trained to the point where I felt we could finally say "He's potty trained" and even then there'd be the occasional night he wouldn't stay dry. It's hard not to get your hopes raised when two weeks go by and she's used the potty consistently and then goes back, but I really do think you'll get a lot of posts saying "my kid did this and eventually went back to only the potty".
my daughter recently trained and goes back and forth. She will have 3 days of full success, and then poop in her pants again for two days.. or she will randomly pee.. just for no reason i can see, when she tells me she has to pee at a parade, at the mall, when we are out to eat.. its odd
, i have just tried to think it may be bc i edge off on the praise... after a while its no big deal and i think she likes the praise. So i try to praise her every time she goes potty (for now or to get her back on the wagon when she has fallen off) and it seems to help her every time to start having complete success again, then i try to edge off on the praise again slowly... once it becomes complete success, it becomes habit and she wont need to be praised every time. And as hard as it is, yes you need to try to keep very positive. The more negative i get, the less success she has. And i have to admit, there is a chocolate reward every time she poops for us, and that has been the big motivater...... ( i did it with my son, and again after it becomes habit you can taper off)... oh, and i have reverted back to complete nakedness to help get her back on track too (that is how i trained her)... so you could try complete nakedness, all positive... esp if she has already been trained for two weeks, nakedness makes it so much easier for htem to go.... and for my dd, i brought her to grammies in dresses with nothing underneath, that really helped keep her bottomless to train....
good luck!!!
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