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Please help me decide on which CDs to invest in

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I am sorry if others have asked this same question, i just don't have time to research this. I am due at the end of May with #5. I used a diaper service for three of my kids. I know the basic CD. I used those flat CDs that I then folded to fit, pinned and put a cover over. They worked great. That was some 8-10 years ago, so you see things have changed a little. The diaper service is closed and now CDs are all over the web. I just really don't have the time to look into all these different ones. I don't understand all the terms they use to discribe them.

My husband and i have very little money, so we need something that will last and not be too expensive. There are some cute ones out there, but there is no way I will be spending $17 or more for one diaper. I plan on using them from day one, so I need to have at least 15 to start off with.

If you could just tell me what you like and how you wash them, that would be great. Thanks for the help. I am starting to panic; I cant wait to have this baby girl, but I can't seem to find the time or energy to prepare for her arrival! It does not help I have had a bad cold for over a month!
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If you already used flats or prefold diapers and covers and were comfortable with that, then I stay stick with it. You can buy Chinese prefolds, which last forever. And then whatever covers you prefer - velcro, snap, pull-on, wool, etc. I like Bummis Super Whisper Wraps for a good all around cover. They come in a few different prints as well as white, if you do want some variety. There are also Snappis to use for fastening diapers, rather than pins now, if you're not familiar with those, you may want to look at getting a few. That will be the most economical diapering system for you.

As far as washing goes, I do a cold wash followed by a hot wash with about 1/4 cup of detergent and then an extra rinse to make sure all the detergent is out. Depending on how many diapers you have you can do a wash every 1-3 days usually. HTHs
You can go with a one-size pocket (like BumGenius) that will last from birth-potty training. They are $16.95/diaper, easy to use and will grow with your child. I like prefolds, though, too...I used them with DS1 with proraps for the first 6 months before switching to pockets. They held up very well...and worked!

I do a prewash or a cold rinse to start with, then wash on hot with an extra rinse. I was with regular detergent (use Kirkland brand from Costco). I wash about 3 times a week (usually M, W, and F).
I honestly find that prefolds and covers works the best and is the most functional. I just trifold the prefolds ahead of time and stack them so they are ready to go. We use the Bummis SWW.
I think prefolds and covers are the most economical especially for newborns growing out of diapers so quickly! If you want to invest in something else, I might wait until baby is a bit older and would fit into it for a little longer. A lot of babies tend to fit in mediums from a variety of brands for a long time. So once your baby would fit into mediums of a variety of fitted and pockets, you would probably get your money's worth out of those.
I'd go with prefolds and wool covers as well, that's almos tall we've used on ds2, we did use proraps when he was a newborn, but if I had a #4, i would start with wool from the beginning. we've spent less than $200 total on ds2's diapers and he's over a year old, we'll never have to buy another diaper for him, he's going in the potty most of the day now since last week (knock on wood LOL)

i'd go pf's and wool. My fitteds have been used ones I picked up on the trading post here for fun- the prefolds have been the workhorses. And my guy loves his woolies.
I'm going to say something different. You can buy bundles of FuzziBunz (in bundles of 6 or 12) and it comes out to be like $12 or so per diaper. There are some websites such as that send a free insert for each diaper as well.

When I wash them I do a cold rinse, then wash on hot w/a small amount of detergent or dish soap, then rinse twice on cold. I dry them in the dryer, but if i had a clothesline and some sun, I'd put them out to dry.
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I've used all kinds, and the next baby will be in prefolds (with a snappi) and Bummis wraps. I have some one-size diapers from that I really love, so I'd use those again. That's it though. Oh! I knit, so knitted wool soakers would be part of the stash
I think for a newborn you really need preemie prefolds. Infant (4x8x4) prefolds were just way too bulky on my daughter until she was 4 months old, and preemie prefold make great doublers down the road
I love Bummis wraps (velcro, not snaps) and Bummis pull-up pants.
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I'm going to second the FuzziBunz. I've tried lots of different styles of CD this past year, but like the FB best.

Also, you can resell the used FB on ebay for about $7-8 each when you are through, so it's not as bad of an expense as it seems.

If you do use prefolds - definitely buy a few Snappis to try - much cooler than pins! But be sure to keep them out of the washer/dryer!
I am also going to recommend trying a few Fuzzi Bunz. They are great for while you are out of the house or for others who may be watching the baby. As a PP mentioned, they have a great resale value $8-10/diaper.
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