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Please help me figure out my due date (long cycle, late ovulation)

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My LMP was September 10. DH and I BD'd September 27&28 and I O'd about the 30 of September. Can you tell me how to figure out my due date based on this information? I am thinking the end of June... is that right?

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Add 38 weeks to September 30th.

I believe around June 15th. You want to add 38 weeks from your O date. If you want to use one of the calculators that ask you from your LMP, then take your O date and go back two weeks. Use that date as your LMP
What is your normal cycle length? If you are certain of ovulation you would have a EDD of June 23.
My normal cycle length is 35 - 45 days. I am POSTIVE about my O date, which was almost three weeks to the day of my LMP. I am thinking about June 22-24 as my due date as well but wasn't sure how to count it for those of us with long cycles.
I have June 22nd as your due date. I added 14 days to the date of ovulation to get the first day of LMP.

You can't really go on Due dates really.. unless you have an impatient doctor.
Hope the math helped you some.
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