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Please help me find this website!

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Hello all,
When I was first researching circumcision a while ago, I cam across a really good site. It was by a doctor and he had a big page on his site that was all reasons why your doctor will say you need to circumcise, and then it would have his explanation of why you really don't need to circ., what's really happening, and alternative treatments.

I REALLY DESPERATELY need this for a friend and of course I can't find it!! PLEASE HELP!
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NOCIRC has a page like this and it is a printable brochure. Dr. Dean Edell also has a site that approaches these problems. Try this one:

thanks for posting that. I'll show that one to her. It's not the one I was looking for (the one I saw isn't so professional with all the links, etc., but it has just about every medical scenario you could imagine that has to do with foreskin!) but it is better then any of the ones I've found today!
The complete "library" of circumcision information is "The Circumcision Information Resource Pages" and is chock full of medical research about circumcision. It is used by physicians and medical students as a research resource. You may want to try it and you may find what you are looking for or a link to the site you visited. It's at:

If you can give any more information, someone here may be able to give other directions.

I think this one is under you nose right here at Mothering... it sounds to me like the "Protect your uncircumcised son" article by Dr. Paul Fleiss... there is a sticky to it at the top of this board. (for future refrence) but the url is:

Love Sarah
Thanks so much, sarah, that IS the site I was looking for! lol. I was looking all morning and didn't even realize I was on the same site! lol

However, I'm glad I posted for help because the site is awesome! I just sent it to her.

Thanks ladies, y'all are awesome!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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