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Please Help Me Find...

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The impossible. :LOL

A very reliable pocket or AIO with black background with red and/or orange and/or yellow flames to fit 31 lb, 2 1/2 year old DS. He is a wicked super piddler so that's why it needs to be completely reliable. Only pocket or AIO please, and no wool anywhere.
And here's the kicker...must be in stock.

I want him to have something groovy to wear under his kilts.

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Immediately I think of Harleyz pockets... I'm sorry though, I don't think they're in stock. Sorry. Good luck to you!

oh, they do have custom slots right now, but hurry, they probaby won't last! Don't walk, run.
Yeah, harleyz has customs right now, with a long wait list.
I know, I'm number 27 I think. :LOL
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Yeah, but I really want it to be in stock. I'm not going to wait around forever. I'd like to buy it today/tomorrow/that kinda thing.

I found this one on Ebay it's a used diaper though - FMBG flame
I know you said pocket or AIO so this probably won't help you.....I did come across a very cute flame wrap-It is pul w/fleece outer, black with orange and yellow flamies. And only $11.99. Very cute-if you wanna check it out (if you get desperate
), it is at I haven't tried them out but I am planning on buying a Chi Bears for my dh's sake. Good Luck.
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