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Please help me make my FB's stop repelling!!!

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I have several FB's that are repelling. I have washed them in sportswash, I have washed them on hot, I have rinsed the h*** out of them. Still repelling. What do I do, they are not very old, none of my other diapers do this. I am going to scream!!!!! Help me, please!!!
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Sorry you are so frustrated, Heidi!
I dont' know anything about pocket diapers, but wanted to give you the hug.

In other news, your OC prefolds went out in the mail this morning and you should get 'em in 7 days or less.
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While you were washing were there no bubbles?
What are you stuffing them with? is it soaked when you change or not?

When I moved and washed my diapers in my new washer, the washer overflowed with soap. I only used 2 tablespoons but because the water was so much hotter and was getting all the soap out it went crazy. It took me 3 days no stop to get suds free.
Thanks Angelica, The thing is it is kinda a love/hate relationship anyway. I don't use the FB's. I use my LF AIO's if I need one piece, but I usually grab my fitted and wool. So, the FB's are purely my dh's thing and we were using them at night, but that was for him, too. I prefer my NL's with a KP cover.

Anyway, spending all this time trying to take care of diapers I don't even like is definitely wearing on me. I am going to take them to my Mom's who has a top loader and try to work it there. But, that will have to wait till Monday.

Steady, I guess in the meantime I will just rinse the crap out of them! :LOL

Can't wait to get the prefolds, I have a couple snappis coming, too! My first "old-fasioned" diapering items, I'm excited.
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About a month ago, I realized that my FBs were starting to repel too. This was after about 9 months of use. I never had any suds, because I use a minute amount of detergent and have soft water. I had been using a very small amount of Bi-O-Kleen and some essential oils in my wash. I switched to (gasp) Target brand Method detergent. Nice small bottle that says it has no phosphates. I think I washed them, ran an extra cycle without detergent and washed and rinsed once more. I'm still trying to get used to having diapers that smell like detergent, but other than that, everything's working great. Ds isn't having any reactions and the FBs are working again.
a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid in hot water stops my repelling issues.
a couple os squeezes of Dawn dishwashing liquid in hot water stopped my repelling and took away stink.
You can wash with some Dawn as a pp suggested, and you can also do a wash with Calgon as well.
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