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Please help me mamas!!!

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I am miserable! I have had a stuffed nose since Monday. I don't think I have a cold, because I feel fine except for the stuffiness in my nose and ears. I CANNOT get rid of the stuffiness. I have been doing the neti pot and taking vitamin c and getting plenty of fluids. There is nothing draining from my nose. When I blow it is clear and thin just like normal. I know that swollen mebranes are normal during pregnancy, but I need some relief. I'm starting to feel some anxiety and have been crying off and on for the last two days. It's not helping that I haven't slept more than about 4 hours the last two days either. I did use Vicks nose spray as a last resort. It worked, but it made me feel drugged and even more anxious and restless. Plus it didn't work for the full 12 hours like it promises, more like 3-4 hours.

I know that a stuffed nose isn't really a big deal, but right now it feels like one to me. None of the natural remedies are working for me, and I am completely miserable. I feel a little like I am loosing my mind. I know pregnancy hormones are playing a big part in this, but I need HELP! I'm praying that someone has some advice for me!

Thanks mamas!!!
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Iam sorry momma, no advice here but Iknow how you feel. i had the same symptoms all through my last pregnancy. I was miserable. i did try a homeopathicremedy and itdid seem to aleviate the symptoms if only for a short time.
The only advice I can give is from a reflexology standpoint. The tips of all your fingers correlate to your sinuses. Vigorously rubbing the pads of your fingers in a circular pattern might offer you some relief! Its worth a try!

My hubby had a clogged ear that I was able to release with reflexology.
Goodluck and feel better!
I think I've had a stuffed nose since November or December... I'm trying to just accept it as a fact of life for now. I can't get rid of it, but two things that have helped somewhat are hot tea and a hot shower, both can help clear it out. If you need to take a shower in the morning and the evening, I would say go for it.

Good luck, and I hope that if this continues through your pregnancy that you will be able to relax a bit about it - know that it is completely normal and should go away immediately after birth.
Have you been exercising at all? Usually a brisk walk or something that gets my heart rate up a bit helps to drain my nose. Also, there's a great homeopathic nasal saray made by "BioAllers". Lastly, acupuncture is fabulous for clearing a stuffy head!
Hope you feel better soon.
Have you tried eating very spicy foods? That always seems to help me.
I also run my humidifier every night with a few drops of GSE in it. I always feel "stuffier" if it's really dry at night. I've also had good luck with regular saline nasal spray. Warning-this is gross: My doc told me to spray it up my nostril and inhale hard after spraying, then wait until you feel it in your throat and try and cough it out. Very disgusting-sometimes makes me gag, but so worth it for the breathing. You're supposed to do that two times in each nostril.
I have a friend who swears by the "breathe right" strips... you know the kind that looks like a small bandage you place across your nose? I'm a fan of the saline rinses... they take some getting used to, but are so worth it. You may not notice much of a difference at first, but after the second day maybe you'll feel better. Good luck!
I like the exersice suggestion, and the homeopathic nasal spray was mentionned, but along those lines i'd like to add that any pharmacy should carry a nasal spray that's just salt water....i'll assume that's similar to the homeopathic one, but probably more available?
A little Eucalyptus oil on my pillow at night, or on the collar of my shirt during the day seems to help me.
I just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions. The stuffiness started to get better yesterday and I was able to sleep last night. Today I feel so much better. Still a little stuffed, but at least air can pass through my nose now. Before I felt like I was living in a vaccuum, no air at all was getting into my nose. I really think the nose spray had a lot to do with the almost severe anxiety that I was feeling. It was weird, after the first time I took it I knew I shouldn't because it made me feel so crazy, but I just couldn't help it. (I only used it a couple times) It was so nice to breath again after almost a week. After I made the first post yesterday morning I promptly went to the garbage outside waiting for the garbage men and threw the bottle away so I wouldn't be tempted again. I will never use that stuff again. I've never had an anxiety attack, and now I know what they feel like. TERRIBLE!!!

Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions! I really appreciated them

L'lee~ I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you've had a stuffed nose for so long! I hope it goes away soon or at least very shortly after birth! I seriously would be in a looney bin if my nose was stuffed the way it was last week until the end of my pregnancy!! HUGS!!!
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Glad you're feeling better!

I've just learned to accept it for now, I'm fairly certain it will go away once the baby is born! Mine doesn't sound as bad as yours, though, either. Just kind of feels like fairly minor (usually) allergies. Thanks, though!
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