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Please, help me plan! I'm 33w already... need to get those diapers!!!

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I'm pregnant with #3 and would like to CD from birth - didn't do it with #1 and only CD for a short time with #2 but used disposables for the first few weeks... I had small babies (5lb14 and 6lb02) and this one will be small too.

I already have close to 30 Indisposables (fitted) and 6 or more "cheap" covers (some small and some medium). I don't like them very much but keep them "just in case".

I bought 4 Bummis Snap Covers (small) and found 6 prefolds (regular size) at a garage sale.

I plan to buy (soon!!!):
- 20 preemie prefolds
- 2 snappi
- 2 Wonderoos with inserts
- 2 Aristocrats Diaper covers

I'll buy Infant prefolds later and, if we like the Wonderoos, was thinking of slowly building a stash of those over the months...

Enough or not?

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It looks like you have a nice start. you may want to get a few infant size prefolds in the beginning, just in case your baby outgrows the preemies super fast or something. Depending on how quickly your babes grow, the preemies may not last very long. I liked the Happy Heiny's when dd was little - I still do actually. I am not a big snap fan and I like that the fleece rolls out at the legs so it didn't leave red marks - FB always left red marks on dd for some reason.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and you have the perfect delivery :0)
Looks good! I agree with getting some infant sized prefolds though, and how big are the Indisposable fitteds? Will they fit right from birth and how long do you think they'll fit?

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!
I think you need some true newborn or even preemie covers. With a 5 or 6 pound babe, a small will probably be too big. Mine was 6 1/2 and even many of her newborn covers were big for a while. Bumpy or Prowrap preemie might be an option. I have heard good things about them.

Even infant prefolds may be too big so I like your idea about getting the preemie prefolds. You can get indian newborn/ preemie prefolds quite cheap and they are worthwhile as doublers etc later. An infant prefold totally swallowed my newborn up. We couldn't use them for over a month.

I don't know enough about indisposables to guide you on that re sizing. If you do decide to get more fitteds, Kissaluv 0's are a nice choice and have good resale value. Don't stress about ending up with too many diapers. YOu never know how often your baby might need changing. My newborn went every 20 mins or so and did a little bit of poop each time. I had to change her a LOT and I can only imagine using disposables and throwing one out ever 20 mins! So stocking up on prefolds saved me a lot of money and was cheap.

Good luck and congrats on the impending babe.
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Thank you!

Indisposables - they say it's from birth to 20 pounds... but they fit better from 10 pounds than from 6
By 5 months, my son had too big tights to fit in them even tho he was not close to weight 20 pounds
But he was like a little bouddha... dd on the other hand would have fit in those for a long long time as she was, and still is, really slim.

Infant covers... How many? Will I be able to use the Aristocrats for the night? If I use the Snappi, will it be ok with the small cover or do I set myself for lot of oops!

The world of cloth diapering is so vast... easy to get lost
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I agree w/ newborn covers. The smalls swallowed my DS for the first few months and he was almost 8 lbs at birth!

We didn't have many poop explosions, although I know some do have those problems with newborns. I think I had about 4 NB covers. The smalls should work in a pinch.

I haven't used the Aristocrat or Indisposables, so I can't comment on those. Although I can't imagine why the aristocrat wouldn't work. I mostly used preemie prefolds and NB wraps with DS and then branched out as he got older/bigger.
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