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Please help me plan my city Garden

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I read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, vegetable, Miracle and now I REALLY want to garden. I have been thinking about what and where and I would like to do a combination of container gardening and some in our small backyard. The issue is our back yard doed not get sun! We have a great smattering of hosta's, lilly's and ivy but the shade grass does not really live after the leaves come in. We have considered having the trees trimmed but it is something that we can not do ourselves due to electric lines, etc. So what can I plant in the back? The front porch is about 5x7 and gets great sun. I already have 2 huge pots that I can use but besides tomatoes and beans I am not sure what I can grow in containers. I have considered getting a community garden space but the closest area is about a 15 minute drive and I am not sure if that is even feasable. I would like to grow tomatoes, cukes, beans, peppers, etc. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

I was also considering putting some "beds" on the roof, but I am not sure that my roofer brother would appreciate that since we just put a new roof on in June
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My parents live on a heavily wooded lot in the city, and we spent many, many years struggling to grow a garden. Here're some ideas:

-Some things will grow just fine if they get at least a couple hours of sun a day. We had good luck with lettuce and other leafy greens and a lot of the herbs we tried. Early spring veggies are also great, since they'll get going before it is too shady.
-Most annual veggies really need the sun. My dad is a professional tree trimmer, so he trimmed a few branches to create a sunny patch for tomatoes. It sounds like container gardening on your deck would be a great alternative.
- You might want to consider looking into perennial vegetables. Things like rhubarb and sorrel already have a great start by the time the trees leaf out in spring. These are the only two perennials I have in my yard right now (other than herbs) but there are perennial spinaches, onions, tubers, and even broccoli.

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I would like to grow tomatoes, cukes, beans, peppers, etc. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.
That is exactly what I grew this past year in 5 gallon paint buckets. - tomatoes (4), cucumbers (1), zucchini (1), bush beans (1) and green & red peppers (1 each).

This thread might help you. There are quite a few links with resources in the first entry.
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Is there anyplace in your front yard a couple of square foot garden boxes would look nice?
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we are also very very shady and I have never had a problem with normal "garden variety" veggis

I just hatched a plan to put a garden on the garage roof but I am due in May, I don't think DH would like hugely preggo me walking around on the roof
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