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I need a BIG wetbag, a swim dipe, and of course a pretty "i'mgoingonmyfirstairplaneride" diaper.

We will be going to Florida to see the ILs for a long weekend. Rylie has not yet seen her Grandparents so this is a big deal. It is also the weekend before her 1st birthday and they are throwing her a b-day bash. I would love to have a cute bikini/swim dipe set (like the ones I saw from PP at Tuesday Noon), a large wetbag (cute of course), and a special diaper to show off.

SPAM me! I would love to know your suggestions. please enlighten me with the perfect solutions!!

: oh sure, you get ONE AC/DC song stuck in your head and you're branded with a DDDDC. I almost spewed coffee on my keyboard when that popped up! lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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