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bedtime is really hard at the moment with my nearly three years old. He is constantly disturbing the evening routine, making it nearly impossible to enjoy our story reading with DD, but not able not to be with us as well (as in play somewhere else while we are reading). At lie down time he is constantly jumping up and down, climbing out of bed, laughing at me, yelling, running around... I try to hold him down, put the bed in a way he cannot climb out (he still can), shout at him in the end. After a fair amount of shouting and yelling and threatening he will stay in bed because .... happens otherwise...but I hate it!

Yesterday, when we were all tired and me exhausted and everything, and after a fair amount of power struggles, I just "gave up" and let him fall asleep in my bed next to me. He slept within five seconds.

Now I am just wondering, is that a bad thing, to let him fall asleep next to me and move him afterwards? My goal was to get the kids to sleep while sitting in a rocking chair, reading, and that worked a while, but now (being pregnant and everything) I am even more exhausted than they are at bedtime, and I need to lie down and sleep as well.

Can you reassure me or offer advise (I even bought this sleeping lady book - but that was such a waste of money... :( )

Thank you all!
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