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Please help me troubleshoot this leaking problem!

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I'm seriously ready to break into the pack of sposies that my mom insisted I take. I washed 5 outfits yesterday.

I am using homemade XS VB AIOs. PUL outers, Alova suede inners, and terry soakers. They fit my 4 day old boy GREAT, we change before every feeding, usually every two hours. They have been wonderful as far as holding in poop, but he seems to pee out the top side of the diaper at least three times a day (the wet spot is in the "love handle" area) the diaper is never soaked when this happens, and sometimes isn't even wet at all, and I honestly can't figure out how he is doing it.

Is it because he's a boy? Is there some sort of trick to changing a boy's diapers that I don't know about? I love these diapers, but extra clothing laundry is one of the things I was looking to avoid when choosing cloth.

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Are you making sure his little wee wee is pointed down?Or even completely in LOL?Their not repelling are they?Trying to help
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the only thing I've ever heard about diapering boys is that you have to make sure his penis is pointing down
Other than that I have no other advice as I have only girls!
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Heh... well now I just feel dumb. It never even occured to me that I should be pointing him down! I've been doing it since last night, and no more leaks.

Thanks mamas!
Hopefully that is all it is. My boys would do the same thing if not pointed down in any diaper. My 11 day old girl pees through a VB AIO in about 45 minutes. I have quite a few I made myself too - I'm glad I also made a bunch of fitteds because those work perfectly with no leaks. If he's a heavywetter, you may still find leaking issues with the AIOs. Otherwise, they are wonderful.

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