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Please help me work through a plan?

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I've posted over and over about my little one's sleep issues. She is almost 13 months and wakes every 30 min. At this point, for my physical and mental health, I need some distance and sleep. During the day, while I work, she naps on a futon matress on her bedroom floor, while our sitter hangs out next to her (or sleeps next to her if she was up late the night before
). She also has a crib in her room. We have a crib next to our bed as well. We have tried side carring, etc, and the sleep habit is the same. We are talking about moving her into her room, and are trying to decide if we totally childproof and put her down on the futon. Then if she wakes, my hubby or I can go in and snuggle her. For some reason the though of her on the floor alone scares me so then I think, maybe we work on the crib? I just don't know HOW to work on it. She wont go to sleep herself, or nursing. We walk and she fusses till she crashes. I lay her down, even next to me, she wakes. She sleeps in very short bursts regardless of where she is. If she is in our bed, she wakes more frequently, and still fusses to go back to sleep. If she is sleeping on her own somewhere, the second I get her back to sleep and go to lay her down she wakes.

I need her to sleep longer stretches.

I need her to not sleep next to me because it wakes us both horribly often.

I need to figure out how to get her back to sleep and be able to lay her down without losing hours of the night.

I just need a plan of some kind. I'm so sleep deprived I am constantly sick, my back is horrid from sleeping with her on me, I'm a horrid mom to my other daughter cause I am so tired, am not functioning at work well, and something has to change.

Can you all help me talk through a plan to get everyone sleeping better? Not looking for 10 straight hours. I would kill for a couple 2-3 hour spurts.
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I have no advice but
my almost 8 month old does the same thing and it is killing me.. especially with DH deployed!! I am at a loss of what to do... the only reason I am not totally dead is that I don't have to work. I am sure some mamas will have advice for you!!
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Don't know if this will help or not: my DD follows the NAPS system. Essentially, every 90 minutes, a baby is ready for sleep. If you make attempts to get them to sleep after around 90 minutes of waking time, they should go to sleep. The theory is that once they follow this routine, they begin sleeping longer and are less fussy. I've tried this since DD was about a month old. It works for the most part. In fact, I've noticed that she begins to get sleepy about every 60 minutes (getting fussy, rubbing eyes). In the evenings, say after 5 pm, she can stay away for about 3 hours (2 90 minutes cycles). It works for the most part. I say that because she had colic, and there was nothing you could do to get her to sleep after 90 minutes of being awake. We do co-sleep, and I've noticed since following this routine and co-sleeping, she has more restful evenings. I hope this helps you!
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