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Please help me....

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I am setting up a stash for my baby brother (possibly convert #2!

I need to teach her how to use them and would also like to have info on laundering, why use cloth, health benefits, financial benefits.....etc. I have a tendancy to over do things (called my perfectionism)

So....what should I make sure she knows?

Also anywhere I can get cheap FB, apron strings, or similar pocket dipes? You can email me with info!!!

Thank you mamas......hopefully one more bum saved from sposies! And a few hundred sposies out of a landfill!
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No advice?
Hmm, are you buying stuff for her?

Maybe you could get a small thing of good laundry detergent and put explicit directions on it so she doesn't have to look for directions . And maybe make a little booklet for her. Like on one page about wipes and wipes solution. How to store them clean and dirty, how to launder. Maybe how to stuff a pocket diper, that kind of thing.

That's realy nice of you! And I totally get the overdoing it thing. I do that too, especially if I'm trying to convert someone's thinking

I would just explain everything you do day to day with diapers, if someone has never used them the simple obvious things they might not think of.

I don't know where to get them cheap exept the trading post? Anyone know? Unless you're thinking new, has good package deals
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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