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please help-nursing pad recommendations?

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I'm sorry if this has been asked recently, but I'm going nuts and need to know what do you use for nursing pads? I've got cotton gerbers and hemp ones from smjae and I'm getting tired of changing my bras/shirts multiple times a day **sigh**. He's only 4 wks old so we're still all over the map with nursing...some days he eats all day long then I never get too full to worry about leaks, but his sleepy days (like if he takes a long, unexpected nap that gets me engorged) and days after growthspurts get me badly, and a lot of times just powerful let down on the opposite side soaks me. Any suggestions for "containment"? I don't remember leaking like this with the other two. Oh, and if sposie pads are the way to go then I need to ask what is the absorbent material in them? Does anyone know?
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I like the Lansinoh Disposables. I never leaked with those and they have adhesive on the back to keep them in place. I liked Gerber Disposables, dont know if you tried the disposible or the cloth ones, but the disposables worked for me cuz they have light, medium and heavy flow ones (also with adhesives on the back). In the early months I just carred an extra shirt in the diaper bag in case of spit up or leak throughs. At about the 6 month mark, I didn't really need pads anymore. I also like the above mentioned cuz they don't show through clothes and now that its summer the fabrics are thinner!

Good luck and hope this helps
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I have the bravado and leading lady pads. THe leading lady stink. Hate those but the bravado are great! However, if the leaking is severe you could try cutting a few layers of hemp in the same shape of your bra cup. No lines that way and you can add as much as you need. Maybe those bliss or lily pads? I'm far from beoing an expert but I leaked badly for 6 months while pumping and the bravado were ok for a few hours. HTH,
Have you tried the Lana Wool pads? They are awesome. They're made of really soft, untreated woll that still contains its natural lanolin. They can hold 40% of their weight before they even feel wet. You only neede two pairs, and you just let one air dry while you wear the other. The lanolin and your breastmilk are both antibacterial, and together they make an antibacterial soap. Every few days you just need to wash them by hand using either lanolin soap or a tiny bit of baby shampoo.
Thank you each for replying! My bb's thank you too, haha. Gosh, I was scared off by wool in the first place but I think I'm gonna give those a whirl first and see how it goes before trying out the others. Thanks again!
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I've been eyeing the MOE (Mother of Eden) nursing pads online for awhile now. They make two kinds. They both have fleece to wick moisture away, plus absorbant material. Then one kind has PUL to stop leaks and the other doesn't.

I've been thinking of ordering both kinds. Maybe wear the non-PUL for those mega-nursing days, and the PUL kind when I expect some leaks.

I didn't even know about all of the cloth nursing pads when ds was little. By the time we started him in cloth diapers at 8 months, most of my leaking had passed. So I'm looking forward to trying all of the cloth out there!
You can double up (even triple) on the ones you have on days when you know you are going to leak. Of course it will show, but unless you are going out and about who cares and even then I find a baby sling covers your breast anyway.
I love mine from the enchanted nursery. They are organic hemp fleece and I wish I had more!
I also use the Lansinoh sposies after trying lots of cloth that didn't work. I like the sound of Lana wool though....
I love the breast pads from . They are flannel and fleece and work really well. You can also get doublers for them. I have never had a leak onto my clothes using just the fleece-backed pads, and I leak alot!
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When I first started nursing I had an oversupply and overactive letdown, so I had milk leaking in streams. My midwife came over with a huge box of nursing pads. Some were cloth shoulder pads even! :LOL She said I could keep them all.

I got a lot of experimenting done to see which were best. I found that doubling, or even tripling up helped significantly. My favorite 'nursing pads' were a couple of diaper soakers cut in half. They absorbed like crazy and were cut big enough so that most people couldn't see them under a shirt.

I often resorted to using diaper doublers as nursing pads. I found they were much more absorbant and if I was careful no one could notice.

I do not reccomend using any disposibles. I used J&J at first, but was warned by many people that the material sticks to your nipples. Every time they were wet I was 'peeling' them off, and that causes trauma. It can lead to soreness which is something you don't need any more of!
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What about Lilypadz? They're not strictly nursing pads (they're a leakage inhibitor, not absorber!) but work really well and can't be seen under clothing!
I forgot to say in my other post that what really put me off the disposable pads is that one box said that you had to wash your nipples before feeding the baby (after you'd used the pads)! a) super inconvenient; and b) what are they putting in there???!!!!??? Yuck! I heard that the material in them is the same as in disposable diapers. It would be interesting to see if there were any studies linking disposable pads to breast cancer, or anything like that.
I also had a very strong overactive let down and over supply. I had to wear breast shields for the first month or so do to very sore nipples and thrush. I have tried Lanisoh disposables, Lilly Pads, some store bought cloth (bought used from a friend) and the Lana Wool pads. I just started using the store bought cloth because I hardly leak (DS is 7 mo) so it is more of a drip catcher on the opposite breast he is nursing off of.

This was my experience:
Lilly Pads - Couldn't get them to stay on when I started to leak.
Store Bought Cloth - only good for when I am hardly leaking at all.
Lana Wool - HORRIBLE (will explain below)
Lanisoh disposables - worked great for when I was pouring out milk. I was even leaking through preemie prefolds folded up into squares. I even put the disposables inside my breast shields to catch the dripping milk so it left my nipples to get some air and to not be touching anything.

I spent about $60+ on 2 pair of Lana Wool Pads with the Lanoline wash. They leak bad. I even got the ones reccomended for heavy leakage and I leaked through the stitches in the middle of the pad. I exchanged one pair for a pair of minis and a small (reccomended by the lady I bought the pads from) but I still leaked. I don't know how the regular ones work but the Esktra ones suck IMO.

I wish I had tried some good quality cloth pads but after spending so much on the Lana and being so disapointed I just gave up. :/
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i posted like the exact same post a couple months ago. it will get better!! ds will be 7 mo on Monday and i hardly ever leak anymore, thank god.

second the votes for Lansinoh sposies and Lilypadz.
cloth pads (cotton, hemp, fleece) never did work well for me.
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I have also had good luck with the Lansinoh pads, I use them all the time if we have to be out somewhere where I'd be self-conscious about someone noticing them. They're very discreet under clothes.

When I'm home I have fleece/flannel pads that are a bit more comfortable and definitely breathe better. They're thick so they absorb well enough, but they do show through a t-shirt.

After 5 1/2 months I'm *just* starting to be able to go out without them for a few hours... but I can't quite trust myself if I'm going to be out with other people, I still need to wear pads.
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Another vote for the Lansinoh disposable pads!!! I tried Curity-works for 2 hours max. I also tried J&J-- they leaked like a sieve! I was soaked after 1/2 hour and still had the wetness next to my skin.
As far a sposie pads go, i liked the avent the best. None of them are that discreet but theavent at least hold a LOT! I'd bet close to an ounce.
Medela sposies are very discrete and hold a lot of milk. I wear them if I'm going out. Around the house, I use Lansinoh First Days sposies because they're softer and thicker. I have some Medela flannel pads, which are great, but I don't do laundry often enough to make them practical. The sposies gross me out because of the gel, but they do hold an awful lot of leakage.
hee hee...two things I've found in the last two weeks: a premie pf on each side can do a good job for around the house (as does the suggestion to double and triple pads
), but the bulk is a bit much, lol and dh's big tie dyes are good for outings b/c they are so busy that you can't really see any wet marks, rofl!

So here I sit, no shirt on, with premie pf's in my bra and a tie dye casually strewn across the couch in case the weather clears up enough to go outside today. :LOL

THANKS to everyone who has replied to me. It is good to know that I won't leak like this forever!
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