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Please Help this Momma

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I have a friend who's baby is due in a few weeks and she want to CD but cannot afford to spend too much right now. Please if you have anything that you can part with for really CHEAP, please pm me
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Oops, just realized that MelMel is asking the same thing. She was here first, so make the offer to her first please.
Do they know if its a boy or girl???
they are having a girl
buy would love boy or girlie stuff.
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i have three bummis sww (small) - two are white, one is piggy.

I also have 4 or 5 (have to check what I have) used, homemade fitted dipes. These would be the ones I don't love enough to keep for future kiddos. They are all ~ size small. I had a skinny skinny baby for a long time so they fit her at 5 months, but if you had a more average sized baby, more like 2-3 mos. These dipes are flannel outer and inner and a soaker of cotton fleece. They have velcro closures and gussets.

So...would part with all of it for ~20 bucks shipped . Which i guess might be more than she wants to spend, but would be ~2 weeks in disposables.

I also would be willing to make her some wipes (probably used towels, nothing pretty unless you are into burnt orange) for about 50 cents a wipe, shipped. I'd make new fabric ones for a dollar each.

Many of the mamas here start cd-ing part time and then take the amount they would put into disposables and invest in dipes slowly.
I don't have anything to sell, I just started out myself, but just so you know...

and either


offer layaway of them will ship you the dipes right away so you can stop buying sposies.

Good luck to your friend.
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Thanks for the info, I will have her look into it

Thanks for the pms that I have received. If I have not responded to yours yet, I am sorry, these 2 kiddoes are keeping me busy this week/
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