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Please help w/ our sleep problems

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Dd has always had trouble sleeping. We just realized recently she has reflux and she is on Zantac for a week now. She wakes up about every hr. and doesn't want to go back to sleep. As soon as she starts to wake up I try to nurse her right away but it still hurts her. She will just start crying and crying. I try so hard to get her back to sleep. Sometimes I can take her out of the bed and rock her back but not too often.

What I did last night when she wouln't stop crying is just took her out in the living room to play w/ toys and stuff and she was fine, of course after playing for a while I tried to get her back to sleep and she started crying again. I have to stand and rock her so hard and fast. It's the only way, I rather not b/c I'm sure it is not good for her reflux.

Is it a bad idea to go play during the night like that even if she won't stop crying?

Do you think I should not rock her hard and fast?

I don't want to talk to anyone else about this b/c I don't think they would understand the way you all might. They wouldn't tell me to let her CIO but I just don't think they would have any advice for the way I want to parent my dd.
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When ds wakes at night, if he doesn't go back to sleep right away, we are careful not to play with him. He's still young and mostly just nurses back to sleep, but I think that playing in the middle of the night might make it more difficult to get them back to sleep in the long run. IMO it's best to associate nighttime with darkness, quiet, sleep (even if it's elusive at times), then with anything too stimulating.

Ds doesn't have reflux so I'm not sure if rocking hard would complicate matters for your dc. But I have read that too much jiggling isn't great for reflux babies. It might depend on the severity, though, and rocking might be a smoother motion, even if it's fast.

Sorry I don't really have advice for how to help her sleep but good luck!
Thanks, I wouldn't play w/ her but I want her stop crying so I don't know what to do sometimes. Maybe it would work to just walk around the house in the dark.
Have you tried letting heer sleep upright in her car seat or a swing??
Yes, she doesn't sleep any longer in car seat and she hates the swing. She sleeps on a firm pillow so she is a little elevated.
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