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Please help with my dog food budget..

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I'm trying to figure out how much I'll be spending on dog food per month. I've been hearing such great things about Innova Evo... so I think thats what I'm going to use. The big bag is roughly $40 (from what I can tell -- had to look online for it so far) and its about 28lbs. How long do you think that would last for a 30lb dog?

I also am considering just feeding raw... but I'm intimidated.
... For now, though... I'd like to use Innova.
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I currently feed one of the Nutro products (30-40 per big bag, which is 35-40 pounds, depending.) Those last in the range of a month for an about80 lb german shepherd. I am going to start her on a raw diet as soon as this batch of kibble ends (or sooner), though, and Im pretty sure it will be easier financially!
So I could roughly estimate that the bag will last me two months (since the dog is only about 30lbs)?

Two months would be good.
We feed Innova, I spend 45 dollars on a bag (after tax and such). We have a 70 pound dog who gets 3 cups a day and a bag lasts me about 5-6 weeks.
So I could possibly get 10-12 weeks out of it for a dog who weighs half as much? That would be really cool.
I go through one large bag of EVO every 3.5 weeks feeding 2 German Shepherds, so I would think it would last you at least 10 weeks but probably more. A 30 lber would only need a max of a cup of EVO
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