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please help with vax exemption for MA private school

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Hi Folks,

DS will be starting school at a private school in the fall. We have delayed vaxing and are about to stop vaxing all together, at least for the next few years.

I know this comes up now and again, but can someone point me to the form or a sample form that I would turn in for a vax exemption.

Also, private schools are obligated to accept a religious exemption without asking questions, right? And finally, we are not actually not vaxing because of do we deal with that? Do we need to discuss it? Are they legally allowed to ask anything about it? I've been trying to tuck away folks' wisdom about this over the years but now that the time has come to fill out these forms, I'm getting nervous.

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I didn't have a problem at private school here. They actually had a form on hand that I just signed and gave back to them. As far as I am aware, nobody can question you and you don't have to offer an explanation.
Here is a site that may help you
We're atheists. I just wrote a very basic letter for their file saying I don't vax due to my "sincere beliefs". I didn't actually use the word religious, but said that I was utilizing the state of MA religious exemption law and then referenced the law. And that's it. No one said anything to me; my boys go to a private co-op preschool.
Similar to VeganF, we are atheist. I did write sincere religious belief on the form, but based on the merriam webster definition of religion:

4: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith
I have a principle of beliefs around making the best decision for my children, and I hold a sincere belief in that. Not that I would personally have any scruples with lying about being a particular religion, I don't find it necessary.
Thanks for the fast replies! This info was super helpful. I feel like I can now do this with ease.

We didn't have any trouble either. And chances are that if the preschool is at least somewhat crunchy, you won't be the first family to claim the religious exemption. I actually don't think of my boys' preschool as being particularly crunchy (it's a great school that follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy, but that mostly caters to the children of Smith College professors--so not the crunchiest crowd), and they even had their own "religious exemption" form for me to sign. We never had to discuss anything. I really don't think they care, they just need to have the info. for their records.



I joined the Universal Free church as a way to legally do Laying of the hands for my Reiki Clinics and for us since we don't Vax our kids. Most states allow religious exemptions.

The church is open to all and you can become an ordained minister and even get credentials for proof!

Hope this helps!
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