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please help!

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Hi, I'm desperate to find a carrier for my baby. I've studied everything I can think of for babywearing and I still am not sure which one to get. (Newbie, can you tell lol). My ds is two months old and weighs approximately 11.5 lbs He only sleeps on his side...I'm leaning towards a pouch? What do you all think would be an appropriate carrier for a two month old. Are there any factors that I'm leaving out? He still loves to be swaddled. I guess my worries are that either I'll get something I don't like or that the baby doesn't like or something that may not be appropriate for a two mo. Please help, what are your recommendations?
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I think a pouch would be great for the kind of child you describe. I love the pouch for the first 5-6 months. It's wonderful for sleeping and for discreet nursing.

After the first 6 months, I prefer a ring sling, because it's more adjustable and the shoulder is more comfortable for me with a heavier child.
The problem is, there is no one perfect carrier. Not even for one mom-baby pair. What you like may change as your son gets older, or depending on what you're doing (quick trip, long hike, cooking dinner...)

Can you find a babywearing group in your area? Because really, if you can try things on that will help a lot.

--hmmm, I just checked on TBW and there don't seem to be any regular groups. But there are definitely some babywearers in Utah, so maybe we can hook you up with one who has some different carriers to try?
Skueppers- Thanks, I read that's a good one to get if you've never bw before.

Kiara.I I just found out about TBW and am very excited. I made a profile there today. I signed up for a yahoo group of babywearing in my state. Are you part of it? That's a great idea I'd love to be able to try some on to have a feel for it. Since my son sleeps a lot and it's my first time I read that a pouch is great, but with spring around the corner and then summer would a mei tai be cooler?
The only problem with a pouch is that you can't adjust the size. If it fits you, it great, but if it doesn't, it can be frustrating. If you can find a group in your area, that would be your best bet (try LLL as well).
If he likes to sleep cradle or sideways, then I'd go for either the pouch or the ring sling. Between those two, I prefer the ring sling myself, since it's adjustable. Though there are some pouches that are also adjustable, but not the way that ring slings are. You can also do a wrap and cradle in it or do upright when awake.

A mei tai is also nice in the summer, but you can't cradle in it comfortably.
I have 3 pouch slings lol. I have a fleece one, a stretchy one and a firm cotton one. I love them all. The stretchy one is a hotsling which if you measure properly is easy to find the right size.
I was in your ddc. I'm currently branching out and getting a mei tai for sure and maybe a wrap. My dd doesn't like having her head 'squished' in the cradle position so she sits froggy style facing out with her back against me.
Hobie, thanks for the advice. I get so caught up in it that I forget to think about the con. I read that the pouch is not adjustable, I'm just glad that there are so many carriers out there to choose from
. LLL group is a great idea! Do you think that they'll accept me even though I'm not bf? I did at first so my baby got the colostrum and a month's supply, (long story why I'm not), but I'm very pro bf, and I miss it a lot. I told dh lets have another baby now so I can

Baturay, maybe I'll go for That'd be nice. I'd really like a wrap but are they hard to put on. I read that unless you know how to do it it's better to have two people so one can tie the knot. Anyway I'm between a ring sling and a pouch because he'll only sleep sideways. Maybe when I get the hang of the carrier I can go for a mei tai, besides by then summer will be around (slow learner
), and ds will be able to hold his head longer.

Nillarilla, hi I remember you. It's been so long since I've been in our ddc (I slept a lot when I was pregnant with ds), and now I feel embarrassed to go back and be part of it, I know it sounds silly. I'm glad you like your pouches, I think I'll get a stretchy one and a ring sling for now. Once I'm familiar with it then I'll branch out. Ds loves to sleep tummy to tummy and he'll actually squish his head on my side so much I have to make sure he breathes lol. I'm sure that'll change as he gets older hehe.
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I really liked a wrap for when DD was smaller (we have a Storchenwiege). I was given a ring sling by a friend but I never used it much -- just could not get comfortable. I bought a Kozy mei tai when DD was a little older -- I want to say 3-4 months old? -- and we use that all.the.time. As soon as she had head control I started back carrying with it and it's just awesome. I wear it to do housework, to go shopping, and I've hiked for hours in it.
I use three carriers.

I always have a pouch on hand, not only are these great for new babies, but they are a must for bigger ones when you need to throw the baby on quick, for those little things around/outside the house, or when you just have to run in the P.O. or the mail, or drop off videos.

I have a wrap. The wrap is my favorite carrier. By far the most comfortable and ergonomic. I use it for hiking, trips to the museum, etc.

Because wraps can be a little bit of a pain to put on sometimes, I use a mei tai for most shopping trips. It is very comfortable, while not annoying the daylights out of you as you take it on and off several times in a few hour span.

Congrats on your baby.
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i personally do not like pouches, the adjustability of the ring sling makes it a lot easier to get the perfect fit IMO, and if your DH is willing to wear the baby at all you can both use the same ring sling but probably not the same pouch. Sleeping Baby Productions is a wonderful place to get an inexpensive high quality ring sling. i have two of them! in fact she's selling Maya Wraps where she redid the shoulder right now and they're only $25! the woven maya fabric is nice, pretty and very supportive. She's also got a lot of other options for under $40 like linen blends and tencel.

i personally love a mei tai for really hands-free ability and if i'm going to be wearing baby a long stretch (like on a walk/hike or in the grocery store).

and now that you're on TBW, check out their FSOT forum. you can get some amazing deals - you could probably pick up a gently used babyhawk or kozy for under $50 shipped.
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