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Please. I need help to stop this behavior. Cannot nurse in bed anymore!

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I need help with DD.
She is 6 mos and a bit.
We don't fully co-sleep but it is not the point of this post. She goes in her crib and we bring her into our bed whenever she wakes up.
It used to be that I snuggled with her in our bed, nursed her back to sleep, she struggled a little, but still went back to sleep. (Then she kicked like crazy in her sleep, but such is life with a baby

Now I can't do that anymore. As soon as she latches, she starts pushing up with her feet against me and ends up kind of crawling up and ripping my nipple!
: Which no need to say, really hurts. I've tried to immobilize her with a leg over her, but it just pisses her off and she rips the nipple more strongly

She also does similar when I sit to nurse if there is an armrest against her feet, but I solved it by only nursing on the couch, so the sitting part is not a problem, but the laying though, it is driving me crazy and I get very impatient with her.

Anyone has any idea how to stop it?

(I have tried to stop nursing and push her away from me for a few seconds trying to show her it is not okay to do this to mommy, but to no avail. It just makes her very mad, she screams and then does it again)
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Can you lay her across your chest so that her feet are pushing against the bed? it's like you'd latched her in a traditional cradle hold and then laid down.
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