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Hi friends,<br>
I just got this email from my midwife and felt I really needed to share it. I've met this Mamma a few times but dont know her well. She's just exactly like the rest of us, except that her baby died. The shock of this spread through the natural birthing community where I live. I can hardly believe it was a year ago already. Lukally I'm not the mother who's lived the long days of mourning. But that's all that separates me from her: luck. Today I'll be holding my daughter a little closer, and lighting a candle. Today Kitt might have been graduating into toddlehood.<br>
This is the email as I recieved it:<br><br>
Dear friends and mothers...<br>
As you may remember, my client Jennifer gave birth to her beautiful stillborn baby boy almost a year ago. We were talking recently and thinking about ways of remembering her baby Kitt and I received the enclosed email from her.She has asked that people who would like to honor his memory would do so by burning a candle for him this Monday.I am forwarding along her email so you may read it and decide if you would like to participate.Although I don't think you know her personally, I feel that we were all affected by Kitt's death directly or indirectly.If you decide to participate, please say a prayer for her as well as she is still grieving and has had a very hard winter.Thank you so much!<br><br>
And the attached message from the Mother:<br><br>
On April 30, 2006 I gave birth to a 9 pound, 10 ounce beautiful boy. He was stillborn. His name is Lawrence Christopher, but we have taken to calling him Kitt.<br><br>
While I was pregnant with Kitt, I had many dreams of traveling to far away places and had a real desire to see the world. Those of you who know me know that I love sticking close to home and that travel is not a great pursuit of mine. I came to accept that this is what happens when you share your body with another being and took it to mean that these were my son's ideas and not my own. At the time, I had no imagination for the distances that he would travel or that he would see these places and visit new people without his parents.<br><br>
His first birthday is fast approaching and I have something to ask of you: on April 30 please light a candle in his memory. It can be in a church, your home, a garden. Leave it burn all day. I also ask that you pass this e-mail along to whomever you can think of. I want as many candles lit as possible, in all reaches of the globe, to honour his adventurous spirit. And as you are lighting the candle, please tell him how much he is loved.
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