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You'll probably get a lot of ideas if you do a search on "Bronner's".

I use a tablespoon in each load of laundry. Yes, it's enough. I think our soft water helps make it work.

I mix it 1:4 or 1:5 with water (put water in first, then soap) in foamy bottles from and keep them at each sink.

I fill a quart sprayer bottle with warm water, then add a tsp. of Dr B's for all-purpose cleaner.

I add a squirt to hot water for scrubbing walls, floors, garbage cans, etc. Or I mix it with baking soda & a little water to clean the tub or get crayon off the walls.

I use it to wash my feet, in the summer when I'm barefoot all the time.

I use it in cold water to soak stained clothes.

DH uses it if we forget to pick up our bulk dishwashing detergent from the health food store, and run out.
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