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Please look at my Chart

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Ok my doctor thinks my body either did or tried to O when my moniter showed High between 53-56. For O to be on 62, there isn't a full 4/10s rise from LTL to HTL, plus OPK says -.So my flow is lightening up tonight even though I've had to wear a pad all day. So my doc says to count today as day one in a new cycle and it is infertile. The only that confuses me is that my temp didn't drop this morning. This is my first PPAF, dd is 4mnths.
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I can't see the chart. Maybe try the link again.

Since it's your first moon post pregnancy things might be a little screwy. Sometimes when I get my moon my temp doesn't drop for a few days. I usually always count the first day of my new cycle when there's bright red blood and it feels like it's really started.
it is funny, but my chart popped up!
this is my first ppaf chart as well!

try the link again!
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If you're using fertiliy friend you have to create a homepage with them before you can publicly display your chart... at least that's what I'm told, although I haven't figured out how to do it.
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Under "sharing" (5th item) go to "homepage setup" (2nd item)

That'll provide a URL which you can copy paste into things.


You can use the "insert link" button here at MDC (next to the indent buttons) to do things like my chart or :
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Thanks, I just created my home page. So today it dropped from 97.6 to 97.5, so its probably not a big deal, I have lots of bright red and a little cramping, I'm just not used to seeing that temp stay up, I am freaking out everytime I get an inkling of pregnancy
. I had lots of bright red blood when I was pregnant with #3, so I want that temp to drop, looks like it is starting to a little.
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First off, you need to delete the /rss383.xml from the link, but after I did so I was able to see the page.

It definitely looks like a possibility of ovulation at CD62. OPKs don't always catch the surge. That would mean that you had a 6day luteal phase last cycle. Are you getting red blood or brown spotting? With red blood I don't think pregnancy is a possibility since there wouldn't have been time for a good implantation even if an egg was present and got fertilized. Since you are trying *not* to get pregnant, this is good news.

If you didn't O last cycle, and you're getting red blood, then this is probably anovulatory bleeding where your body just gives up and lets go of the uterine lining.

Higher temps during AF can be common. They can take several days to start dropping.
Thanks, looks like its my first then. I'm getting lots of bright blood and cramps. This might work out kind of good then, I may be able to get clearer charts sooner. After my first two I had regular periods after the first. What a short LP though.
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