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Please need help again-reflux ?s

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Okay, so dd has been on Zantac for 2 weeks now. Her Ped. said to call back in 2 weeks if she is not better.

Well, she is better but not 100%(I think). She is nursing better and taking much better naps. SHe never took a nap longer than 30 min. before starting Zantac and now sometimes she will sleep for 2 hrs.

BUT, she is still very fussy alot and wakes up alot at night. Sometimes when she wakes up she will nurse and fall back asleep easily and sometimes she will cry and cry and can't fall back asleep for a long time. We have to hold and rock her and try everything when she won't nurse. Then finally she will fall asleep. Last night I layed her on her tummy 2 different times when she woke up/cried and she fell asleep that way. I was scared but it worked and I needed sleep. How safe is this at 7 months?

So, it's like the Zantac is working but not sure if good enough. Is this possible??

The night waking and fussing all the time could be from other causes such as teething I suppose. I just do not know!

Ped. said if Zantac didn't work then he would send for an upper GI test or refer to spec. and I just do not want to go that route. I really do not want dd to go through testing at all if possible. This area is a bunch of mainstream ffers and I don't know what I will be forced into if dd goes back to Ped. or spec. I know nobody can make me do anything I don't want but it's just hard. I already know what her Ped. will say if I call him that the Zantac is helping he will be like then why are you calling??

So, wdyt?? She is a high-needs baby, so she just may be so fussy b/c it's just how she is. I can keep her happy by doing all different kinds of things w/ her all day. Does that make sense?

To top it off she is running a low grade fever right now-is it still best to take it rectally at 7 months?

Sorry so long-Thanks
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I'm sorry you're having a rough time. my 1st is/was a very high needs child so i know it is very stressful.

i haven't read any of your previous posts so i don't know what else you've tried besides zantac, but my 2nd baby (4.5 mos. now) had reflux and i eliminated dairy in my diet and it stopped. it is obvious b/c any time i eat a little bit he is spewing all over the place again. maybe you've already looked into that but just thought i'd mention it.

it might be better to try diet changes first before doing all the stressful scary tests. We have had to do that, too, with our older ds and I'm with you, it was awful and we didn't learn anything new. In my experience, most regular peds and gi doctors aren't very open to the diet sensitivity idea.

I hope you find a solution!
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Thank you. Yes, I am dairy free. He put her on Regaln first, but she is not taking that anymore.

Do you think it would help to cut out anything else, I really do not want to do the total elimination diet unless somebody thinks it is absolutly necessary. I tried it one time for about a week and it was no improvment at all!
I'm sorry she's not showing much signs of improvement yet.
It sounds like she needs a stronger med such as Prilosec or Prevacid. My dd has been on Prilosec for more than a year. It made a huge difference for her as far as comfort. I don't think an upper GI test is in order just yet. Try the stronger meds first and give it a week or two to start working.

It could also be that your baby may have some other issue going on such as gas or digestive problems. You can safely give gas drops before or after every feeding. Also examine your own diet to see if there are things that might be irritating to the baby's tummy such as dairy (that's the biggie).

You mentioned she's running a fever-- maybe she's coming down with something. You don't need to give meds for a low grade fever.

My dd had severe reflux and she did best sleeping on her tummy. It helps a lot with reflux babies. You have to weigh the risks and benefits of tummy sleeping vs. back sleeping and do what you think is best. Just listen to your heart.

After all that-- some babies are just high needs. Some becuase of medical issues, and some because they are just that way. My first was high needs and needed to be held all the time, was not the happiest baby in the world. She's now 5 and very sensitive, intuiative, and deep-thinking about things that most kids her age might not give a second thought. It was very, very hard but I'm glad dh and I did so much AP with her as a baby so she could blossom into the person she is today.

My second baby, the one with severe reflux, she was not high needs. When she was feeling good and not hurting, she was very content and laid back. I took her periods of high needs to indicate that she was hurting and I demanded of the doctors to help make her feel better.

You just have to know what's normal and not normal for your baby, and learn to listen to your heart. ((HUGS)) I know reflux is so hard to deal with. PM me if you ever want to talk.
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Thank you, I haven't given her anything for fever. I am waiting to see if it will just go away. I am watching to see if she pulls her ears or anything.

That is the problem, the Ped. said if Zantac doesn't work. He will test or send to spec. w/out even trying another med. He makes it seem like well, we tried Reglan and Zantac so if neither one of those work then we need to look further into it and maybe hes right??? I just don't know. I am afraid to tell him that the Zantac seems to help a little b/c he may not be willing to be as helpful-I may need to find a new Ped.??
I would see if you can try Prevacid. It's worked wonders for my babe.
My gastroenterologist does not do testing until after all the meds and diet changes have been explored. We have not done any testing yet even though my girls are 9 months old and still have issues on neocate and prilosec.

If zantac shows some improvement it sounds like meds are helping. When zantac didn't work for us my dd's moved on to prilosec and that helped more.

We still do mylanta on top of the prilosec when they are having bad episodes. We have been having a miserable week and a half here with BAD reflux so we've been giving mylanta. They also have colds though and I swear I feel some first teeth coming in, so that could be why.

Sounds like there is a lot of improvement though so that's a good thing!!

I would point out to your ped that you know that other docs will do other meds before testing and that's what you want to do.
yep, go to the gi - they will give you prevacid or prilosec without testing.

glad she is better but i agree, needs more help.

have you thought about cutting out soy to see if that helps? 50% that are dairy allergic are soy as well.
Oh by the way, Reglan makes a lot of babies very grumpy and irritable. You might want to stop that med for a few days and see if her mood is better. My dd couldn't tolerate that med.
I was also going to suggest cutting out soy, I had to do that with both of my babes.

Just like dairy, soy protein is hidden in a lot of things. More often than not if something says "vegtable protein" it has soy.

My 7 month old is still having trouble with his reflux too.
My ped just kept increasing his dose so I'm taking him to a Ped GI. It doesn't mean he'll automatically get any tests done, or even has to if the doctor suggests it, but I want to see what all my options are. I'm tired of seeing this little guy still struggling.
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Thanks, She is not taking the Reglan. I am going to call in the morn. to ask if he could jsut refer me to spec. I just want to wait till morn to see what this fever does so hopefully I don't have to take her in to see him.
If it helps, my daughter had upper and lower GIs around eight weeks (I think) and while they weren't FUN, they weren't as bad as I thought. The upper is a little tricky because you have to feed them that stuff so they need to be hungry for a while and the lower - well, not fun for obvious reasons. At that point I was DESPERATE to rull out anything more serious than reflux because she wasn't responding to meds and had some other problems. There were a few specific things they were looking for that had easy surgical fixes and as much as I wanted her to be "fixed" - the idea of surgery was scary. Turns out it is reflux but I don't have to wonder if it's something more serious.

Don't be afraid of seeing a specialist. Ours is great - he is in almost constant contact with us and has really worked with us to adjust her meds and habits and improve her quality of life. As much as no one WANTS their kid to be on meds, sometimes it's just necessary.

Edited to add - because your baby's weight and physical maturity are changing so fast, this is not a situation where you'll get a med and a dose and that's the end of it. It really is an on-going process of adjustment and change. It helps to either have a ped or GI you LOVE because you'll need to talk with them often to keep up with your changing baby.
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We still do mylanta on top of the prilosec when they are having bad episodes. We have been having a miserable week and a half here with BAD reflux so we've been giving mylanta.

We use Mylanta too on both the boys. We have reglan for them, but they both get too sleepy to nurse much, so I try not to give it to them too much. I like the fast and long lasting effects of the mylanta though.
My ds was responding to the Zantac but he was obviously still uncomfortable. Is your dd on the max dose. If you call the ped ask if she is on the max dose for her age/weight. If she is I would see a ped too. SOme peds don't know everything about reflux and are not as willing to explore all options. Just see what the GI has to say. You don't have to have the scope if you don't want them to.

good luck!
I just made an appt. for her to see Ped. today at 2:30. I am going to talk w/ him about her reflux and see what we should do next. I want to just try a PPI/get sent to spec., but not sure how he will feel about that. That is why I want to takl to him in person. She is still running fever and it's gone up. So he could check that too . Wish me luck and thanks for all the help.
Let us know how it goes!
Well he gave us Prevacid. So we will see how this does.

I remember someone saying it takes 2 weeks to get working??

Also, her Ped. said to stop Zantac, but I also remember someone saying to give for the 2 weeks until Prevacid starts working?

What do you recommend as far as Zanatc, Mylanta, Prevacid doses?? All 3 or Mylanta and Prevacid??

Dd is crying, I will post back later if I think of anything else. Thanks
When we switched from zantac to prilosec we just used prilosec and mylanta and stopped using the zantac.
i'm so sorry to hear about the reflux, but i am glad that there has been improvements and that you're both getting a bit more sleep.

i had a question for you, how did you know the reglan didn't work? my ds has been on both reglan and zantac simultaneously since wk 3. now he is 6 mos. i've heard so many bad things about reglan, but he isn't irritable or crabby and doesn't spit up too much, so wondering if i should try to stop it anyway. maybe the zantac is doing all the work?

i hope you find some answers to all your concerns.
Tori has reflux too (She's only 4 months old) We caught it early and did have to go through the Upper GI. For a while, she was getting .7ml twice daily and it wasn't working, but we got the dose upped and she does great now.

The only way that she can sleep comfortably is on her stomach. I keep her on an "incline to sleep" to help keep the stomach acid or contents down better. If she sleeps any other way, she'd be waking up every 15 minutes or so.

She still doesn't nap very well during the day though. She just likes to be up and play.
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