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If dh is resistant he may need physical evidence so to speak rather than internet stuff, even though there are WONDERFUL resources on the web.
I'd start with trying to find a midwife in your area and have your friend, her dh, and the midwife have a good, long, heart to heart about all of the fears he has and of course all of the wonderful aspects of a home birth.
Sounds like she's got time on her side which is a good thing!
Hospitals are a scary place in general lol... but if you have a latex allergy... You have to really be on alert. For example, what if someone comes in to draw your blood at 3 in the morning and uses latex gloves or a latex torniquet? She will probably be sleeping and not even realize what's going on.
Not to mention latex residue on different equipment... I know lots of people have a latex allergy but really how safe can a hospital environment be? Not all of them have switched to vinyl gloves and all of that good stuff.
Good luck to your friend!!!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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