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Please reassure me-- it's a growth spurt, right?

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Mamas, I need some reassurance.

For the last 3 weeks or so my DS (who is just 3 months old) has been eating A LOT. He'd been spacing out his feedings, especially in the evenings, but recently he's been eating every three hours at night, and sometimes more often. I admit, I'm wiped out. But that's not the problem.

The problem is my MIL, who is convinced that I don't have "enough" milk, or "good enough" milk, and that's why he needs to eat so often. I think it's just a growth spurt.

That said, she got me thinking. We've had an incredibly stressful few weeks-- to sum up, a war and the last-minute evacuation of my ILs, plus their arrival and the fact they have been staying with DH, DS and I in our tiny, tiny, three room apartment. I'm worried that with all the stress my supply might actually have dropped...

What do y'all think? We don't see the ped for a weigh-in until Sep 8. He seems fine to me, nice and chubby and plenty of wet and poopy diapers. Should I take some steps to increase my supply? Or should I just ignore MIL's comments, hand her DS when he's been fed and go take a nice long nap?
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Well I would definately feel okay about handing your babe of to catch a nap, but is it possible that your baby is just comfort nursing because of the stress? He can definately tell when you are stressed. You could always call and see if you can get just a weigh in appt to reassure yourself, but it sounds like your supply is probably just fine. I would agree with you that its a growth spurt, but you said a couple of weeks? I am not sure, but that seems like a long time to be having a spurt. BFed babies just eat more often, so tell your MIL that it's normal. Especially if he's just 3 months old. There is nothing bad about your milk, believe me!! If you are truly worried about supply, you could always eat a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings, and drink Mother's Milk tea to 'passively' increase your supply, but honestly as long as you keep feeding on demand, you should be fine. And he wouldn't be having a lot of wet and poopy diapers if he wasn't getting what he needed. Does he some content enough between feedings?
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No, that sounds totally normal. Pay attention to your babe and not the MIL. Everything sounds fin to me.

Sounds perfectly normal to me. My dd never had the "normal growth spurts". She bf every 2 hours weeks 3 to 6 or 7. I can't remember exactly. If you were having supply issues I'm sure you would know (less diapers and a very, very cranky baby). HTH!
Thanks, mamas. DH got mad at MIL this morning because she was talking to DS, saying things like "Poor baby is hungry, isn't he? He's not getting enough milk, is he?".

This despite the fact that Geo has multiple chins and more cellulite and fat rolls than I do
, is right on his growth curve (or was at the last ped appt) and is a happy, cheerful, lively baby and only fusses if tired or hungry.

SabbathD, yeah, I agree that a couple of weeks seemed long for a growth spurt, that's why I started wondering if it really is a supply issue. Could be comfort nursing, tho. I know how sensitive babies are and it makes me sad that we've been soooo stressed out recently. I know it affects him.

I told DH that while I'm a patient person I have my limits and if she makes more comments like that in front of me I'm letting her have it.
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