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please recommend OBGYN in Novi,MI area

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Could you recommend an OBGYN in Novi area, please?
(10-15 mile radius around Novi will work)
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Have you checked out the Birthnetwork Mother Friendly Birth Guide? You can find it online at

Best of luck to you.
I go to a MW at Metro Partners in Women's Health, a practice that also has ob/gyns. They're affiliated with Providence Hospital, and I know Drs. Melissa Marback and Helene Lacoste (and other doctors there as well as mws) encourage women to use the Alternative Birthing Center there. I'm very happy with the mws there (I've never gone to any of the ob/gyns). They have offices in Livonia and Farmington Hills. I have the Livonia number:734-542-9999. They can give you the Farmington Hills number if it's closer to you. Also Birthnetwork's Birth Guide is an excellent resource, as the previous poster suggested.
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