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Please share your diaper stripping techniques!

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Okay, we need to get the soap out of our diapers!!! I put my hemp prefolds in the dishwasher today and so many suds were coming out! I had to run it through the whole cycle twice! We have somewhat hard water and use Charlies only! What gives! I have used Dawn with minimal success and I just can't imagine washing my whole stash in the diswasher to get them back in order. What has worked best for you? I have also heard hot washes with nothing, but that doesn't get the suds out for me like the dishwasher!
Hemp stink prompted this whole ordeal, help mamas!
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Hot washes with nothing. Small loads. Extra hot (turn up the water heater and/or boil water to add)

good luck!


I do 8 diapers at a time in a small load with *super* hot water and nothing added, and just keep running hot washes until there's no suds left.
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Hot washes with just vinegar. Vinegar helps to get the suds out when you have hard water. There is a scientific reason. I just can't explain it. LOL I would then add vinegar or calgon water softner to your regular wash when you go back to your normal routine.
oh, and if I just washed with hot water and nothing added to strip, I would get no bubbles, when I add the vinegar, there are tons.
i would boil everything without snaps.
or turn your water heater up, boil up a few stock pots of water, add some vinegar(or even RLR) and strip them in your machine.

i want to add here that before i stripped some inserts in my dishwasher i ran an EMPTY load with my jetdry dispenser covered. it took me running three loads before i saw no suds.
with NOTHING in there, no soap, no diapers, no dishes, nothing.
so i wouldnt go by just your dishwasher alone. the dishwasher gets build up too. That woul dbe helpful for mamas to know who are trying to strip inteh dishwasher. LOL

TOo bad we can't have a huge troubleshooter sticky for washing dipes here. That would be nice.
I've read that washing with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar does wonders for stripping. : ) Don't know if that helps.

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I've read that washing with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar does wonders for stripping. : ) Don't know if that helps.
I read this too, I am going to add this to my routine and try the hot water to get back to baseline.
Thanks mamas.
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