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Please someone tell me how to make egg rolls

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I posted a few weeks ago needing ideas for cabbage. Several people mentioned making egg rolls. I LOVE egg rolls!!! But I have no idea how to make them. The cabbage has been harvested and is patiently waiting for me to come up with some sort of family-friendly vegetarian use for them.

So - do you have an egg roll recipie to share?

Is it possible to make a big batch and freeze some of them before cooking?

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I don't know where my actual recipe is but here is the quick summary:
saute garlic in olive oil then add in shredded carrots and cabbage and cook until tender crisp. Add soy sauce and black pepper to taste. Let the filling cool for a few minutes and then wrap them up in egg roll wrappers and fry them up. You can add different veggies too like bean sprouts, broccoli etc but I really like them with just the carrots and cabbage.
My recipe is pretty much like surf mama, very simple.
Is there a gluten free option for the wrappers? Anyone know? I used to LOVE egg rolls!
Thanks! I think I'll make a production line soon and make a ton during an evening.
Would be better to freeze these before cooking (and if so, would you have to thaw them before cooking, later?), or cook them first and re-heat in the oven?



Originally Posted by firefaery
Is there a gluten free option for the wrappers? Anyone know? I used to LOVE egg rolls!
They do make a rice paper wrapper. I know those steam well, don't know about frying, though. Check the refridgerated section at Whole Foods. I saw them by the tofu.
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