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Lots of carb heavy snack ideas, and even some out and out junk food, blech!

OP, think more fat and protein. Home prepared grass fed liver pate on sprouted bread, fried in pastured butter or lard, and cut up into toddler sized pieces. Add a slice of havarti if you want to change your life forever! LOL Grassfed mini meatballs dipped in guacamole. Yogurt is great as long as it is full fat. Buy some grassfed gelatin powder and make jigglers with juice purees. My next DIY is going to be homemade pemmican. If you bake, try coconut flour recipes, and throw in some dark chocolate mini chips. Scotch eggs cut in half.
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well, i guess i'll just list our favorite meals and snacks. i have a 3 year old DD, and she is a fan of these, so hopefully your kids will like them too. are they pretty picky?

pancakes with maple syrup and fruit
brown rice and quinoa, and yogurt and fruit
toast with jam and peanut butter, and fruit smoothie
oatmeal with maple syrup milk and fruit
muffins with jam and yogurt and fruit
scrambled eggs and toast

roasted carrots and potatoes and cheese
whole wheat grilled cheese sandwiches and veggies
pita sandwiches and veggies
muffins with cheese and fruit
toad in a hole and veg

pasta with pesto, Parmesan garlic and basil, or ricotta garlic and olives
pita pizzas with cheese garlic and basil
Bulgar with butter and salt, cheese slices, and veg
white rice and quinoa and melted cheese in mini pitas and veggie smoothie

fruit or veggie smoothies
muffins with jam butter or peanut butter
cheese and crackers
leftover breakfast or lunch (when i'm feeling lazy, lol)
raw veggies or fruit

those are some things my LO enjoys for meals and snacks. hope this helps!
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