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Please tell me everything you know of with anti-viral properties!

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I've done searches, but can't find much - what foods, herbs, oils, do you know of that have antiviral properties? And if you've used them, have they worked for you? How do you use/make them?

Yes, dd is sick, and it's been dragging on for awhile now.

Thank you!
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Umm, garlic is supposed to be good. And mega doses of Vit C. I wish I could think of more! I hope you get some better responses then mine, I just wanted to post something and send get-well vibes your dds way. I hope she is better soon!

Daniel 8/9/03
There are a ton of essential oils that have anitviral properties. But I'd only recommend using theraputic-grade esential oils. If you want more info please pm me.

tea trea oil, thyme oil, i'm pretty sure.
these are the things I bought when there was the big anthrax scare after 9/11
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Garlic!!! It even helps warts disappear when taken orally.
olive leaf. I take them in a supplement form. Zaps colds in like 2 days. I've never given it to DD though... I would look up the saftey of it's use in children before you try it.

You can also buy the childrens echinacea and vit. C gummi bear supplements. I think you can get them at Whole Foods.
Garlic is wonderful in its raw form, but I know that Dr Andrew Weil warns that it is in fact too potent to give to children. How about probiotics/acidopholous? Good Luck!
My children love homeopathic remedies. The local natural food store has tons of those. They usually hate garlic although if I make strong garlic bread sometimes they will eat it. For anything stomach related I like cinnamon or ginger. I would also consider eliminating potential allergans for a little while if that's a possibility. Good luck!! I know there's lots going around.
Try GSE- It works great! I have given it to my 20 mo. old on a few occasions with no problems! Here's a link: Hope this helps..
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I logged on to specifically tell you about Grapefruit Seed Extract. I second it. I just used it to treat my dd's strep throat so as to avoid using antibiotics. AMAZING stuff. Here is another website:
I've heard that mango has anti-viral properties. At worst, it's certainly something enjoyable if you're sick.
I'm not sure if it's anti-viral specifically, but when my ds got a really bad sinus infection and cold, I gave him a combo of cod liver oil (children's version - tastes like berries) for his immune system, echinacea, vitamin c and tons of probiotics. I think it really made a difference and he was able to beat it quickly without antibiotics (for the sinus infection, which I think was bacterial). Good luck to you!!
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