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Please think about my nipple...

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I'm dealing with an infected nipple right now. Ds bit me yesterday afternoon and by last night I knew it was getting infected. It was so sore. I didn't use that side all night long hoping that would help, but by this morning it is red, swollen and VERY fiercely painful.

I've dealt with infected bites before (actually I had both sides infected at the same time back in Aug of 2005!), but this time it hurts a lot worse. I've tried to nurse him on that side today and he latches on and comes right back off saying 'Yucky side!'.

My OB called me in some antibiotics and some antibiotic cream, so I'm hoping by tomorrow evening I'll have some relief. Of course my nursling and I will make it through this just fine, but
I'm miserable.

Keep my nipple in your thoughts.
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I will surely think healing thoughts for the nipple. You have my sympathies!

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