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Pleasing the Idea Man---cross post

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(posted in Toddlers, but I think I may glean some things here, too!)

hi there all...hoping all of you and your families are doing well in April!

i write, after many months hiatus, to consult some experienced or experiencing mamas and papas with our newest stage of three-year-old-ness...

while our son has always been dynamic, extroverted and enthusiastic (i mean all of the time), lately he's been doing this wonderfully amusing and enlightening, albeit extremely frustrating 'burst' of ideas, all day, every day. for example, i'll set the tone for the day by following our normal rhythm (breakfast, clean up, a bit of inside play, and then outside) and sit with him while he plays for a bit, just watching and engaging a bit when necessary...but the second i leave, though i tell him 'it's time for mama to do...' he starts with his 'hey! i know! let's do....' and even if i do my damnedest to concede to his every whim (or every other, depending on the day), i can't possibly keep up with his burgeoning pot of possibilities....

we LOVE the truth and innocence in his suggestions, and never suspect any attention issues (once we're in a task that makes sense for the moment, he'll hang and play indefinitely), but all of the constant suggestions are driving us a little batty!

i know this sounds terribly silly to be complaining about, but really our issue if with having to say 'no' to his thoughts, or having to refocus him on the task at hand--which may be something he's not into. both my husband and i are not good 'no' people and to tell you the truth it breaks my heart that i can't keep up with all of his schemes and productions...though, for the record, we have no problem asserting parameters and saying 'no' when the moment calls for it....

any thoughts as to how we can respond to him? i don't want to ever downplay his creativity, especially when some of his ideas are pretty darn groovy! all i've got thus far is, 'let's put that on our to-do list for later'...

thanks in advance!
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